Monthly Archive for December, 2005

New Years Resolution’s

Everyone’s got them, and here are my 6 🙂

1. Actually save some money for a change!
2. Goto Liverpool and actually come out alive (last time didn’t go so well)
3. Stop eating crap food that people keep feeding me at work
4. Download three times as much as I did in 2005
5. To find out how cows actually make milk
6. Start using a camera a lot more as I once did.

There ya go! Not the best of resolutions, but definately ones which I hope to fulfil as 2006 approaches the Uk in a good few hours time. Happy New Year people!

As the year’s end approaches…

Bit pished like
2x1tr bottles of Baileys, and 1x bottle of Jack Daniels, resulted in this mess upon my desk…
Mince pies, countless chocs – though I am a former chocoholic, lord knows how many alcoholic drinks had taken their toll on me after Xmas night, to the point where I could barely clamber up the stairs to my room. Suffice to say Xmas with the family (that be mommy & daddy!) was quite a laugh. The neighbours popped over with their new puppy thing which decided to ram our xmas tree head on resulting in the fluffball getting a headache – it was a real tree!

My new baby!

DSC00942 DSC01063
Here on the left we have me new 20" widescreen bugger to go with my lovely XBox 360. My gaming/pc setup is now complete yay!

Google’s top search terms of 2005

Every year this happens, and I find it interesting to see what the top celeb/popstar/gimp/item’s were searched for on google. 2005’s results seen here on the BBC are a bit odd…
How the hell did Janet Jackson become the top searched for entry I ask? What the hell has she done in 2005 to warrant this, apart from her boobs spilling out at the superbowl? I’d orignally expected Wacko Jacko to be no.1.

1: Janet Jackson (boobies!?)
2: Hurricane Katrina
3: Tsunami
4: Xbox 360 (yay!)
5: Brad Pitt
6: Michael Jackson
7: American Idol
8: Britney Spears (sex tape no doubt)
9: Angelina Jolie (corr!)
10: Harry Potter (ugly goit)

Xmas is here!

w00t! Xmas is here, and I’ve got two weeks of freedom to attempt to work on bits of this weblog, where in reality I’ll be spending hours just fixing things I’ve broken. So Xmas…it’s that time of the year again! Time flies doesn’t it? I mean, I can still remember precisely what I was doing last xmas on this very day, which really worries me to some extent because I should ask myself as to weather 2005 has been that dull a year that I can recall the events from the previous year.

To be honest 2005 has been the best year in a very, very long time. Things on the job front were brilliant, finances good, love life=non existant, and most of all I’ve met some amazing people at work. Oh, and I got a lovely Cow xmas card from a mate! Brilliant! Cheers Pr!