Monthly Archive for January, 2006 up and runnin!

Thanks to PlusNet having the most shambolic cgi/webspace around, I’ve decided to push plans forward and get a proper host earlier then expected. So thanks to I’ve decided for to be my new domain yays!

Ow, my nose! :(

Time flies eh? Already at the end of sodding Jan 2006 and yet I still remember New Years like it was yesterday. It’s a Saturday here, and I’d just returned home from a rather painful journey from work. Decided to take the bus home instead of getting a lift from a friend and froze my rear end off in the sheer icy cold London weather.
Anyway, I’ve got the window seat on the 140 heading back to Harrow, when the bus stops at the traffic lights, and I catch a glimpse of the most gorgeous girl in her car at the lights. She smiles at me, I smile back and we’re making some serious eye contact – then the bus driver decides to shoot off at 200mph sending my face flying into the seat directly ahead of me and bruising my nose like no tommorow! Life not fair!

Sniff…Goodbye ICQ #16147227…

After 10 years of use, I say goodbye to ICQ and my loyal ICQ No: 16147227 *sniff*

Adriiiiiaaaannn!! – Rocky Balboa

Yays! Rocky 6 aka Rocky Balboa see’s the return of Sylvester Stallone playing the heroic underdog boxer and he has a new rival, Mason "The Line" Dixon played by Antonio Tarver! There’s no Apollo Creed (he’s a bit dead see), and theres no Adrian – his long suffering wife (most possibly dead from marriage boredom), but Paulie is apparently back yay! He had all the classy lines in the previous Rocky’s, hope he’s still got them here!

Sods law 101

It’s the start to a new year, and yet I find myself utterly tired and worn out already. It was meant to snow in London this week…and it didn’t. I’m a winter person and nothing can cheer me up then a big ton of snow! Yet right now I could do with a cheering up! Chose to relax at home today and get lots of misc jobs done, as well as work out because I’ve neglected doing that for a while now.

Anyway I just stumbled across (what!? I’m working out I tell ya!) the following article which made me smile – Ten Reasons Why You Should Date A Geek! written on a blog belonging to the wife of Microsoft’s top blogger Robert Scoble! Humourous and yet rather oddball reading! Us geeks are the future ladies! Oh yer!