Monthly Archive for February, 2006

Random Musings

Despite having the best possible start to the year, I now find myself literally inundated with things to do. It’s become so bad that I’ve started ignoring key things in life – such as the electricity bill (all paid up now btw!), forgetting to sign in for work during mornings, my boss’s birthday, and finally forgetting the time of a key date I had… I just can’t seem to find time to do anything anymore and it’s something I am not used to at all.

My job takes up a fair amount of my time as it would of course, but I can’t find personal space for myself. There is always something going on in my life now and it’s due to this that at times I wished I was a hidden within dark shadows.

Man Marries Goat…

Just to prove my theory that this planet is going a bit mad, given that we’ve had a Jewish guy marry a Dolphin, the world over the past few days has been stunned that a man has indeed erm Married a Goat! My thoughts on this matter is – uhm, how do they er you know…urgh I feel ill

France! The British are invading!

Managed to charm my way into a nice trip to France next month in March, which is being taken care of by my workplace. Beware Frogs Legs! Kainzy is coming, armed with his trusty camera! Besides, France has stunning ladies and it’d be nice to go back there since the cuisine is just godly! 😀

Internet Explorer 6 Issues – Fixed

If you’re using the useless browser try switching to the proper ones such as Firefox and Opera which can actually render web pages correctly. Right now there are thousands of blogs out there that seem to have rendering issues in IEx, but are fine on the mainstream Firefox and Opera browsers. Both browsers are free and miles better then the pathetic IE which comes built into Windows. Hmm, now that IE7 Beta is out, I suppose I better install that on my laptop and see how if theres any change.

Edit: Right, did some lightening quick code adjustments and now that sidebar should render properly in IE6/7. If the sidebar should suddenly vanish, just hit the page Refresh/Reload button (F5) and it should reappear

Valentines – It’s that time of the year again folks…

Yes chaps, break out those cheapo Tesco’s Valentine’s Cards! Guaranteed to get you dumped by your significant other half faster then you can say "wtf!?".

"Your sweet whispers echo in my ears, admist chaos and disorder" ~