Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Quick Summary RE: Booze Expedition In France

Quick lowdown on what happened (more to come when I’m actually sober)

1. Missed the 08:20 ferry bound for Calais, ended up getting on the 09:15 one.

2. Booze trip to 3 hypermarkets was awesome and much monies was spent.

3. Tasmin thought it’d be cool to feed two seagulls with a dead fish….they weren’t impressed.

Xbox 360 launches in Australia and New Zealand!

Those pesky people in Oz finally have access to the lovely 360 which should keep their living room nice and warm for months to come! has the full lowdown on the launch which should have been huge given the console’s success in America and Europe…

Aussie gal Kitteh, from has also obtained one! She also has Elder Scrolls: Oblivion much to my annoyance because I wants it too! My own, my preciooussss! So thats roughly 14 friends of mine who have bought the console…Paul from Surly Pidgeon remains, and lets face it he hardly plays pc games anymore so he’ll convert soon enough! :mrgreen:

A Look At Windows Vista

Set to ship roughly towards the start of 2007, Windows Vista will be Microsoft’s first major operating system release since introducing Windows XP in 2001. The new Windows Vista operating system offers a shiny new user interface, better security, improved data organization, and and a stupidly over the top but new look that is the Aero Theme, which gives your desktop a glass like look. It’s all very neat, but somewhat intensive on the user’s graphics card – so if you have an old machine (older then 2yrs) then you’re bang out of luck 😥


Anyway, Jake over at has a small but informative preview on Beta build 5308 of Vista. It’s a good read!


In other news, the first batch of games for my Xbox 360 have kept me busy for roughly a week so far. Fight Night 3 is so sodding good, that Ghost Recon aka GRAW has hardly had a look in. Too many games on the way and no time for them, it sucks!

France trip which was meant to begin 8th March has been delayed till later this month – nerf. Life is great! Sort of, until I buggered things up with lovely Tasmin by not agreeing to go to a restaurant with her. Hey, not my fault I don’t like Thai food that much! So I shall apologise here and say that I am er sorry and we can go out wherever…just not the london eye *grumble*

Lastly, while most of the Uk has fun in the snow, I ask one simple question – Where the hell is the snow in London I ask!? Over this weekend we’ve had clear blue skies and a warm breeze!

Free The Golliwog!

I’ve been busy lately but have had a raft of idea’s in hand for this blog to be implemented soon. Anyway I’ve got to mention a story which was first reported at the beginning of March 06 which had a lot of people in hysterics.



Now we all know how much garbage our prime minister Tony Blair speaks, and how his ‘Tough on Crime/Preachers etc’ policies will make the Uk safer. Basically everything he says never happens so half the sodding country ignores him anyway. Without going into this deeply, it’s emerged that race hate preachers have returned to the Uk to reap the rewards of our benefits system, while at the same time sprouting hate towards the very country they live in. Apparently London is "the organ of the devil", yet most of them live here. So while this is happening our coppers have lifted three Golliwogs and the bloke who was trying to sell them because they had offended a member of the public. Now…on a scale of one to ten, who offends you the most?