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Eygpt Trip Cancelled – Boo :/

Meh! I’ve been looking forward to a short 2 week holiday with my buddy Tasmin in Eygpt for two weeks! With the recent Dahab bombings, we’ve been advised by our travel agent that British citizens should avoid the area for a while. So with our plans scuppered we’ve got no where to go, and suggestions that we visit Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster didn’t go down too well either. Bummer Sealed Invades #id

So, my good mates on #id on Quakenet who I have known for like 7 long years have finally lost their nerves…they’ve all (almost) signed upto !

For those who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest meeting place where you can put up a profile of yourself, and meet other people. A lot of small upcoming bands tend to use this as a place to promote their music, which does work very well. However it’s also become a place where most users profiles consist of nothing but multiple poor pop videos, massive amounts of animated images, and enough multi-colored text to give even the most robust web browser a headache. It’s also a place where fit girls can flaunt themselves and er yes that bit is rather nice 🙂

The 360 Hit’s Australia, Coogee Beach have a report up detailing one of the largest water balloon events in Australia. The Water Balloon Challenge was held on Coogee Beach, Sydney and celebrated the launch of the Xbox 360 in Oz! It’s stated that 50,000 water balloons were thrown on that day too! Major Nelson, Director of Xbox Live has updated his Flickr site with photo’s from the event.

KitKat -vs- PimpKat

I’ve been wanting to mention for quite some time now, after hearing about their Easter Giant Creme Egg project which had been produced over the Easter period. Needless to say, that after much laughter from such a brilliant site, I became ill just thinking about how anyone could consume any one of their projects without falling into a sugar induced coma! Jo Whiley on Radio 1 also did a similar project after getting inspiration from them. Keep up the good work PMS chaps!
Giant PimpKat


Bugger me I’m flippin knackered this week, and there’s one day of work left!