Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Monday’s Mindless Ramble

It’s a bank holiday weekend, and I’ve had a nice relaxing time. Weather’s been tops for the most part, and even though it was so sunny, hot, rainy all at random times, I decided against going on a clothes shopping spree. I’d better save some cash for next week’s day trip to France for booze. Tonight I find myself rushing to get work related stuff ready for returning to work tomorrow. Time to sum up my weekend anyway. Saturday 27th:

  • Woken up by some daft indian chap in a call centre. Indian chap ended up having expletives fired at him from all angles.
  • Pondered going to see X-Men 3, since it’s just been released, but I’ll wait for all the chavs to see it first, then I’ll check it out later this week. Going to see a new film within days of release isn’t good now since chavs tend to ruin things half the time. Ice Age 2 however I highly recommend!
  • Slept most of the day.

IE5/6 PNG Images fixed

I’ve had a few emails from readers who have noticed small issues with the icons used on this blog in Internet Explorer 5-6. Namely that the backgrounds of them are blue. This is sadly because IE5.5-6 cannot render PNG alpha transparency properly. They don’t have the filter to do this sadly. IE7 which is in it’s beta stages finally fixes this long overdue issue. Firefox and Opera as expected are a lot more up to date therefore aren’t affected.

Last Night

To make amends for a big mistake I’d done over the weekend (forgot about a date…) I took my good buddy out to a nice restaurant, and then to a bar to relax. Now, don’t you hate it when the perfect evening gets ruined through no fault of your own? Our time spent in the restaurant was lovely, we both had a great time. Things went horribly wrong when we visited a pub where Karaoke (we didn’t know) night was just beginning….Oh boy.

Apple Store, Fifth Avenue

There has been a lot of talk going around about the web about the new Apple store that recently opened up in New York, and now I can see why. What a stunning piece of work! The store is located on Fifth Avenue, and will be supplying Apple products 24/7. You can see photo’s of the opening at

Some New Toys!

Over the next few hours I’ll be bringing the lovely K2 Theme, online with some new plugins. The theme is so far unmodified at the moment.