Monday’s Mindless Ramble

It’s a bank holiday weekend, and I’ve had a nice relaxing time. Weather’s been tops for the most part, and even though it was so sunny, hot, rainy all at random times, I decided against going on a clothes shopping spree. I’d better save some cash for next week’s day trip to France for booze. Tonight I find myself rushing to get work related stuff ready for returning to work tomorrow. Time to sum up my weekend anyway. Saturday 27th:

  • Woken up by some daft indian chap in a call centre. Indian chap ended up having expletives fired at him from all angles.
  • Pondered going to see X-Men 3, since it’s just been released, but I’ll wait for all the chavs to see it first, then I’ll check it out later this week. Going to see a new film within days of release isn’t good now since chavs tend to ruin things half the time. Ice Age 2 however I highly recommend!
  • Slept most of the day.

Sunday 28th:

  • Slept.
  • Watched a few films on DVD, then pondered about life and why we exist.
  • Talked on MSN for hours, then pondered about life and why MSN exists.
  • Played on the Xbox 360 for hours and pondered on how batteries actually generate electricity.
  • Argued with a friend.
  • Slept more.

Monday 29th:

  • Woken up at 7am by my cousin Jason. He’d broken down near Heathrow Airport and needed help. Why phone me given that I don’t drive…
  • 1pm – Realised there’s no decent protein packed foods in the house. I’m not happy as I’m forced to eat cheese and peanuts.
  • 2pm – My father wants a new car! Another damn Ford! This new one is in much better condition with some new features, but its £3500. I’m not happy as I’ve been telling him for years to avoid that pathetic manufacturer. I’ll end up paying for half of it knowing my luck.
  • 4pm – Still in a bad mood (above) and angry as my holiday money is about to go down the pan for a useless car.
  • 6pm – Kami’s broken his fridge magnet feature on his Myspace. I’m not impressed. Not content with breaking, he’s on the way to destroying his myspace er space. PR’s still whinging about the speed of my blog, not understanding that it’s useless interweb connection!
  • 7pm – Finishing off work related stuff for tommorow. This consists of me adding the portraits off all the ladies in my department onto a page, and distorting their facial features a bit. I’ll put the efforts of my labour on the noticeboard at work tommorow!
  • 8pm – Kitteh has a Plodcast ! It’s a weird experience hearing the voice of an aussie friend…

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