Monthly Archive for June, 2006

Xbox 360 Chrome Mirrored Faceplate

My most recent purchase for my Xbox 360? has a lovely limited edition Mirrored Chrome Faceplate for purchase. It’s amazing metallic finish is just gorgeous and at night the 360 just looks utterly stunning. It’s a major fingerprint magnet though and I just know I’ll end up polishing the thing every couple of days!

Highlight of my day…

Teddy Bear/Pigeon

Out of sheer boredom this morning,  I decided to shove the ass end of the teddy bear that sits on my boss’s desk, onto the end of a factory standard drill…

The result as I hit the power switch? The bear span round at about 10000000 rpm which resulted in much hysterics in our office. It then worked its way loose and flew out the window at 100mph and almost knocked out two pigeons who were having an early morning chat on some big pipes. Yay!

PS. 1x Teddy was slightly harmed during this experiment.

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Went out last night to watch a film with Taz, which was a night just waiting to go wrong, and boy did it go wrong! The plan for Saturday night was to chill out in a bar for a bit before going to watch Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock’s new film The Lake House.

What a week!

High! Not updated things in a while, mostly due to being occupied with the World Cup taking up almost all my time, as well as me about to become an uncle, along with work/promotion matters getting in my way. This week has been more then hectic!

The Uk has been gripped by World Cup fever, as has every other country I can surmise, except England, despite having a good team on paper just haven’t gelled together as well as everyone had hoped. So far they’ve yet to put on a solid performance to raise everyone’s spirits over here. The pathetic recent second half performance against Sweden which saw them pile 3mins of solid pressure during the last few minutes of the game showed how poor and disorganised the England squad were as they let in a goal to bring the game into a 2-2 draw. To add to the misery someone stole the two St.Georges flags on my fathers new car so he’s angry…very angry, infact you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Attack of the green eyed monsters

Green eye

Yesterday was possibly my first unsettling day for me at work, since I began working there. To cut things short, over the last 6 months I’ve been promoted twice and things couldn’t be better, or so I’d thought. I’d kept it pretty quiet because I had no intentions to make a big deal of it, however I should have known better. Yesterday it was made official to me that I was to be promoted, sadly the company ‘gossip queen’ had overheard a conversation between the company director and yours truly.

Inside 10mins the whole workplace had become aware of this, and the backstabbing had begun. Friends and workers began jealously asking their bosses as to why they hadn’t been promoted. Wherever I went, I could ‘feel’ people talking about me – who knows what they were saying but it made me feel a tad uneasy as a result. Normally matters like this don’t faze me at all, but I was quite shocked at how easily people can do a U-Turn on an individual, a colleague if you will.

Most of these workers I hardly know at all, a simple "Good mornin" is all that I exchange with them on a daily basis…