Monthly Archive for July, 2006

A look at High Definition

It will take the Uk by storm

It’s a step change in television technology which provides far clearer and more detailed pictures than normal "standard definition" TV. The benefits are especially suited to larger LCD and plasma display screens. Basically HD is transmitted digitally. Each step in the transmission chain must be high definition to produce the end result on your screen. So you will need a HD decoder box to decode the incoming signals, as well as a HD Ready TV in the first place so you can actually see the pictures. Sounds simple right? Well there’s a lot more to it then the above, and it can get very confusing. Riyad at Trusted Reviews has a brilliant round up of exactly what to expect from this upcoming HD era.

Uk heatwave to hit record highs

We’re gonna die!

Just when us Londoners thought last years summer couldn’t get any hotter, this upcoming Wednesday 19th looks to smash the July record of 36c (97F) seen in my old town of Surrey in 1911. Hell its hotter over here then most Spanish resorts and the Canery Islands!

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for London and the South East of England, so everyone will no doubt struggle. London buses have air conditioning apparently. I’m buggered if I can feel it because myself and many others are literally baking as we head home at the end of the day.

Given that I work at the top of a glass covered office/lab with a tin roof, the temperature up there gets, what can only be described as hotter then having two vindaloo’s on a night out followed by a chilli kebab. Today as I was leaving at 4pm, the temp was 38c. Taz paid me a visit and started sweating as she walked through the doors (not a nice sight I tell ya) because it was that bad. I don’t look forward to Wednesday’s predicted 35c.

I’ve lost the will to live

While Taz’s ISP is down, she can’t reply to this, let alone read it! So let me state that today she admitted to actually enjoying loving listening to the new Paris Hilton tune! (prefer her videos to be honest) Oh how I’ll mock you for weeks upon end now woman! I thought I was bad being a fan of Phil Collins…

Last night I underwent what can only be described as a stressful 2hrs. I decided to run a Chkdsk (disk scan) on my PC’s hard disk, something I’d not done in a while. Now things were going well, until Chkdsk reported a colossal problem on the partition that Windows XP itself resides on. Without any intervention, the bugger decided to ‘fix’ the problem itself resulting in my entire windows partition rendered almost completely unusable. Sometimes I wish I actually used ghost to backup my data but I prefer to install stuff the manual way.

I ended up doing one of the fastest XP reinstalls I’ve ever done, and now have most of my apps restored, as well as my hardware devices up and running too. I’m quite lucky I didn’t actually lose any critical data because I keep them on a separate partition. It’s quite disconcerting to see such an important utility like Chkdsk do its scan, with the user not knowing weather his/her system will be usable after it’s finished it’s dirty work. Anyway, my PC is back up and running now. I’ve just got minor applications to install over the next few days.

I tell you, just a few hours without Internet access was quite a frightening prospect for me. Not having access to my email, this blog, MSN, IRC, online banking, online billing as well as the various forums I read on a daily basis left me very empty and somewhat lost. Moral of this story? Back up yer sodding data and avoid blonde bimbo’s!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest…

So, the long awaited sequel to Curse of the Black Pearl has finally arrived. Now, I should state that Taz was meant to do a mini review of the film, but since she’s too lazy to even get up this Sunday morning I’ll be doing it instead!

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), master swordsman Will (Orlando Bloom), and the gorgeous Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) all return for another action packed adventurous romp.

The film focuses mainly on Captain Jack Sparrow, who from the previous film now owes a blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) who is a cross between a squid and a man as well as the ruler of the ocean depths and captains the ghostly ship, The Flying Dutchman which is unmatched in the waters in terms of speed. Oh and he also commands the terrifying Kraken…

The key to defeating Davy lies in Jack Sparrow capturing his heart, which is locked away, still beating, in the ‘Dead Man’s Chest’. Jack races against time to find it before the Kraken finds him! If he doesn’t find the chest in time, he’ll be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation in service of Jones. Someone else is also after the chest though as it is rumoured that whoever has it, can control Davy Jones himself…

New space shuttle pilot delays launch…

Saw this on Yahoo, and thought it was incredibly cute!  It’s a gopher tortoise moving towards the space shuttle Discovery at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canavera, Florida. At 18:40 GMT (14:40 EDT) the delayed space shuttle blasted off skywards towards the International Space Station (ISS). Happy Independence Day US readers!