Monthly Archive for August, 2006

Recent activities

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve had very little time to write up my weekly thoughts let alone anything else. At work I am training other people to do some of my jobs in order to take the pressure off me, which leaves me mentally exhausted towards the end of the day! Right now there is a critical situation where one of our products has started failing horribly – as there’s a multi million dollar contract for this item, sorting out the issues has made it a top priority for me.

The Lost A-Team

As Season 3 of this ultra boring, overhyped up series gets closer, the parodies are already hitting video sites around the net. Here’s one of my favourite ones I’ve stumbled across, featuring the legend that is Locke! What a guy!

Pink Gadgets!? HALT!

pink psp

What next? Neon colours?

So, here I am pondering as to why the new current trend for electronic gadgets, is to have them PINK. I mean, it’s a crap colour, is an eyesore and will NOT attract members of the opposite sex, if that should happen then they’ve clearly escaped from the loony asylum. I cannot even comprehend to understand who would buy such items, let alone why.

So, recently of late there has been quite a few toys appearing in pink form:

A Pink Playstation 2
A Pink Playstation Portable (PSP)
A Pink DS Lite
and a Pink Creative Zen Vision:M

There was a time when white was the cool in thing after the flood of iPods, but now that has been replaced by the most pathetic colour ever. It’s not fashionable, it sucks and anyone who uses such a colour is a pleb. So, if you know of any gadgets that have recently gone PINK, let me know. Let’s name and shame them!


Went shopping earlier this week and stumbled across these, and I couldn’t resist! They taste good too! :mrgreen:

Creative Zen Vision:M

My new baby!

I’ve been after the Creative Zen Vision:M MP3/Video player for a long time now, to replace my aging iRiver 6gb H10. Last week I saw them going cheap for £180 on Play so I jumped at the chance. The player arrived yesterday much to my excitement and just as the reviews have stated, this thing is THE nicest and arguably the best player on the market due to it’s wealth of features.

I was shocked at the size of the thing at first, it’s much larger, thicker and heavier then my H10 but that display and its 262k colour palette means that the video display is so vibrant in comparison to the iPod Video