Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Strewth! I’m off to Brizzie!

They’ll love me!

I’ve been less then vocal lately on this blog, mainly because of the two brilliant Xbox 360 games in my last post below but also because I’ve been preparing to fly off to Australia on a work business trip to meet some engineers in 24hrs. I’ve been rather nervous about the whole thing really. I’m not a frequent flyer, hell the last time I was on a plane was years ago. Having seen Snakes On A Plane over the weekend hasn’t helped matters either… Mark you muppet, bad choice of film!

I’ll be staying in Queensland, Brisbane for a couple of days, so I doubt I’ll get to do hardly any sightseeing as I’ll be rather busy. I’ve always wanted to visit Oz but I wish that circumstances were a bit different on this occasion. I’ve got some Uk friends at Bond Uni on the southeastern end of Queensland so I’ll staying a night there too. Knowing my luck I’ll end up lost in the Northern flippin territory with the evil crocs! I can’t believe I’m being sent all the way over there just to discuss some work related matters with some acoustic engineers though, it just doesn’t feel right. Anyway talk about being alucky one….although if I meet Samuel L. Jackson on that plane I’m jumping right the **** off.

Dead Rising and Test Drive: Unlimited hit the 360

A weekend of gaming fun!

Two of my most long awaited titles for the Xbox 360 came out on Friday 8th. Dead Rising from Capcom and Test Drive: Unlimited from Atari. I can’t even say how long I’ve been looking forward to playing these two titles. So much so, that I ended up taking a holiday on Friday just so I could play them.

In Dead Rising you play the role of a freelance photographer Frank West. Trapped in a huge mall…teeming with zombies. I literally mean thousands and thousands of the buggers. There’s no way out, the US Military have barricaded the town so Frank and a handful of survivors have to fight for their very lives until the rescue chopper arrives in 72hrs. So you’ve got to survive for 72hrs and unravel just what on earth is going on here. EVERYTHING is your weapon!

Furniture, garden tools, toys, plates, chairs, knifes and the odd firearms here and there – use anything at your disposal to wipe out the zombie hoards. Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s all too similar to Dawn of the Dead too even though the developers say that the game isn’t related.

Hanns Gruber invades my room

Yippie-kay-yay, motherhubbard!

Ragh! Recently I’ve had a ton of cash burning a hole in my pocket, so what better way to splash out then to purchase some LCD screens for my PC? As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been hunting for a single large screen LCD or two larger then 17" LCD widescreens. In the end I found some mid-end LCD’s going for roughly £130 each! They’ve got both DVI and VGA connections, so I’m totally sorted!

I should mention that they’re made by Hanns-G….Yes, Hanns Gruber himself, the man who tried to rob the Nakatomi Tower in Los Angeles, from the film Die Hard! Bruce Willis mate, you failed to realise that after you saw Hanns fall off the top of the building, he bounced off the fat doughnut eating cop and survived. He went on to make quality LCD’s! So thats one 20.1" Belinea LCD for the Xbox 360 on the left, and the twin 19" Hanns-G LCD’s for my pc. Overkill? Oh yus!

Creative Zen Vision:M Reviewed

I’ve written a review on my latest MP3 player, the Zen Vision:M and added it to the Reviews page, which has been long overdue for some content. Enjoy!