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Booze Cruise In France: Part II

I wash not pished

I spent most of my weekend in France this weekend. My last trip was in March which ended up in a drunken singing session on the coach as we returned to the Uk. This booze cruise trip was also from work, and we could invite whoever we wanted. I was pestered into taking my deranged 19yr old half cousin Ayesha with me. I knew I’d regret doing it as I can’t even keep her under control but she came down from Manchester for the weekend so she could play with Elmo!. She was sad enough to take Elmo on the coach with us which made him quite popular with the other 3yr olds…

We set off for Dover at 04:00 on Saturday morning. We reached Dover very quickly, caught our SeaFrance ferry and starting crossing the channel. Last time we did this, the sea was nice and calm, this time however it felt like I was in a canoe in the middle of the pacific! The weather in France, Calais was horrid (again), but we were here for ze booze! Four hypermarkets were visited, and lots of booze purchased! I ended up spending just over £250 on a whole load of assorted drinks, while Ayesha tried to chat up a young guy at the customer service desk. I think he didn’t understand a word she was babbling on about, he certainly looked puzzled.

We visited Boulogne after that for 2hrs but it was miserable. The weather was dull and almost everyone was too tired to even get out of the coach after having run around hypermarkets for a solid 3 hours or so. Coming back to the Uk was fun. At passport control, I tried to convince them that Ayesha was an illegal lol, they actually told her to stand to one side for a few minutes until she eventually found her passport! 🙁

Say hi to Elmo!

He’s already made my stonecold dad laugh

One of this Xmas’s hottest presents, the TMX Elmo is in my possession! Didn’t take too long to find to be honest, and I thought he’d be quite a headache to obtain. Massive thanks to the folks at who had it delivered hilariously fast in just 24hrs.

The pesky Elmo has already made my dad burst out laughing and I tell ya – this man never ever smiles, he’s on permanent anger mode most of the time. Upon seeing Elmo rolling about on the table laughing away, my dad crumbled into a 10yr old child and sniggered helplessly. Just wait till the ladies at work see my Elmo… *snicker*

TMX Elmo – Help need to find one for Xmas!

I’ve been looking everywhere for one of this Xmas’s hottest presents, but can’t find one anywhere! I’m off to France at the end of this month for two days so I’ll be scouring the stores and hypermarkets over there for any chance of pre-ordering the thing. This is a plea for help, Elmo must be found! Seriously lol, if anyone knows where I could pre-order one (apart from amazon uk) I’d be most grateful :mrgreen:


The Gospel According To Chris Moyles

This week I bought my first autobiography! It was titled ‘The Gospel According to Chris Moyles’. Superb read to be fair.

Chris Moyles happens to be the Uk’s most popular breakfast radio show presenter and is a true legend. Him and his team have escalated Radio 1’s listening figures enormously and as a result, they’ve won a string of awards. Chris has just released his autobiography, which will no doubt sell like hotcakes. He’s not the biggest star in the world like your Wayne Rooney’s or your David Beckham’s but he’s very well known anyway.

So I’m perusing Amazon Uk for biographies when I stumble across a whole host of them belonging to no name British so called talent. There was a biography from Chantelle Houghton – the dumb winner of Uk Celebrity Big Brother! The ditzy cow is only in her 20’s and yet she’s got a book out detailing her ‘life’?! What life? 20yrs of it? Are you taking the pies woman?!

Man drives 310 miles…in reverse gear!

Saw this story earlier this morning and it had me in complete hysterics.

SYDNEY, Australia – A 22-year-old man attempted to drive 310 miles in reverse on a remote Outback highway after his transmission failed, blocking his forward gears, police said Friday. The man was stopped by Western Australia state police on Thursday afternoon after they spotted his car roaring in reverse down the highway at about 40 mph, according to a statement.

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