Monthly Archive for November, 2006

Site updates & Reviews

Nowt broken yet

I’ve received my Xbox 360 Wireless Headset earlier today, so I’ve done a quick review of that. You can find it in the reviews section. I’ve also upgraded the K2 theme for this blog. It’s taken me a good month or so of tweaking before I could bring it online, so some portions of this blog will still be missing, or dead. Lastly, I’ve re-enabled the Rolling archives feature, so you can seamlessly navigate through the older pages of this blog. Bear in mind that it’s a bit flaky, and doesn’t like the Opera browser one bit (not my fault!), it should work fine in Firefox and IE6/7. Please give me a shout if anything isn’t looking quite right. Ta!

Gears of War Review

Just like to mention that I’ll be adding Xbox 360 Reviews to the Reviews section on a regular basis now. I’ve opened up the section with a Gears of War write up. This is currently the biggest title available for the Xbox 360, and technology wise, the most advanced. Want my opinions? You know where to look.

November – A month of expenses

Games Galore!

I’ve been feeling a tad ill lately, mentally ill mostly as I recently examined my expenses for November, which isn’t even at an end yet. Everyone is in the same boat though, due to Christmas approaching so spending habits are bound to go out of control anyway. I’ve tried hard as hell to save up this year, and for the most part I like to think that I’ve done really well…sorta.

My expenditure this month however has been something short of ridiculous. Most of it has gone on Xbox 360 games, not to mention a few accessories for the console too. I’ll be also looking at purchasing a 42" HDTV for the parents hopefully at the end of the month in addition to this.

Some of this month’s big Xbox 360 games are Pro Evo Soccer 6, Call of Duty 3, WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2007, Rainbow Six: Vegas and the king of them all – Gears of War which is already out in America and the Uk on the 17th November. This is visually, and technologically the most advanced game ever created at present. Nothing looks as stunning as this title thanks to it’s tweaked up Unreal 3 engine. I’ve also got the 360 Wireless Headset on the way, and bought a spare wireless controller just in case I lose my temper again playing Call of Duty 3 on its super hard Veteran Mode.

Birthday blues

Follow the yellow brick road….

I celebrated the weekend with some close friends as it was my birthday. I’m 31! How odd is that?! It feels good, but somewhat strange at the same time, so I’m not sure what to make of it. In my 20’s I actually dreaded hitting my 30’s. So here is the bit I never thought I’d actually say – being 30 actually rocks! I’ve observed one thing amongst most of my friends, and that is during our 20’s we felt we were under a lot of pressure, what with university and getting a career being the main highlights. With those two things in my way I felt my path onwards and upwards was obstructed

WordPress 2.0.5 – Ronan is out!

Must not break blog during update….

Those lovely chaps at have released a new version of their popular blogging front end. You can grab it Here, and for a list of changes look over here.

I’ll be upgrading the blog sometime during this weekend, so should it suddenly die, just blame me good mate Kami, who’s running around dungeons hitting rats, and mudcrabs and stuff with his tiny dwarf in World of Warcraft 😛