Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Site Update

More Site Updates is back from a few days of downtime after moving to I’ve upgraded WordPress to the latest release (v2.1 codenamed Ella), and at the same time I’m fine tuning the latest version of the lovely K2 theme. Everything has gone extremely smoothly and I’ve only got just one mis-behaving plugin at the moment giving me some grief.

Celebrity Big Brother

To the world: We aren’t all like this

Now for a hot topic that has been making news headlines around the globe. Celebrity Big Brother here in the UK has kicked up a storm over apparent racist allegations against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty by three of her female housemates.

Now I’m sure most of you have seen TV footage by now of what has transpired in the house. For those who haven’t seen it, check YouTube for footage, if any. Basically Jade Goody (head honcho), Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara have bullied Shilpa about various issues that some people are claiming is racist towards Indians. Now, I’m a British born Asian myself, so I just want to state my opinions on this. I don’t see it as racism, but almost borderline racism. It could have been much worse, but I think Channel 4 have warned the bullies not to venture out that far.

I was born in 1975; in London and have NEVER EVER had racist abuse or encounters thrown at me, ever. Not all residents of this country are like Jade and Co. Jade herself is a human of rather low IQ, speaks without thinking and is so utterly dumb that it makes me laugh out loud. She is what’s known by us UK’ers as a ‘Chav‘.

Xbox 360 v2.0 will arrive in 2007

Oh bugger…

There goes the rumour mill. It’s now true. After a good month of speculation when pictures of a HDMI 360 was leaked onto the web, it has finally been confirmed after the CES show in Las Vegas. Bill Gates’s keynote speech was something a lot of people waited for, hoping he would speak about the future of the Xbox 360. Instead he talked about Windows Vista, Live Anywhere, and then IPTV on ‘a’ 360 – the way he said this seemed to suggest he was talking about new 360’s rather then our current gen models.

Then just before Bill Gates keynote, Dean Takahashi, an Xbox expert and author of the ‘Uncloaked’ series of books on the Xbox and Xbox 360 leaked some news on a new 360 arriving in 2007. He spoke about the Xbox 360 Revision 2, codenamed Zephyr which would have a larger capacity hard drive 120/160mb, HDMI output, and running cooler with its .65nm CPU. It’ll also be IPTV enabled. In the UK, British Telecom will provide our IPTV service…I can hear the boo’s already.

Paul Thurrot, from Windows SuperSite has mentioned on his podcast that a new 360 is on the way during Q4 of 2007. He hasn’t seen it yet, but it has "IPTV capabilities and a larger hard drive", it WILL definitely feature a CPU on a smaller production process so it’ll require less power, emanate less heat and require less cooling too which means that the new 360 should be a bit more quieter then our current models.

Two new reviews added…

I’ve just added two reviews to the reviews section. Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360, and the Western Digital 320GB My Book External Hard Drive, which I recently purchased to backup all my data onto.

I’ve been feeling quite poor recently, after the New Years celebrations. I’ve felt unfit, and unwell as a result too, so I really need to get back into shape, not that I went on a mad drinking/eating spree during the festivities, but I did stop going to the gym for a solid 3 weeks and I can now feel the effects of that decision. This unwell feeling isn’t helped by the fact that my Laptop has died, while I awaited parts for my new PC (below). I was meant to use the lappy to write reviews while my main PC was out of action, but that plan backfired. So after spending well over £1100 on components for a new PC, I’ve not got to get the lappy repaired too. Great 😯

PC Upgrade! (away I shall be)

More Power!

I’ll possibly be away for a few days while I do a total rebuild on this PC, which is an ancient beastie. To be honest I don’t need to build a new rig, but given that Windows Vista arrives towards the end of January, I do want my machine to handle this bloated behemoth of an Operating System (OS). I’d roughly guess that about 90% of PC users who want this OS will end up doing a rebuild of their machine.

It’s slightly absurd that an OS should require so much resource power just to bloody run, but that’s just typical Microsoft. I’m going to stick to XP for as long as I can though, because I’ll be buggered if I’m paying £220 for the Home Premium Edition, I’ll wait for a price drop. I’m not too clear on the upgrade version yet as the info is a bit clouded. So this Friday 5th, my new PC parts will arrive along with XP Media Center 2005. Hopefully everything should go well, because I’ve got a heap of reviews needing checking.