Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are back!

Ah man, I have just returned from watching Hot Fuzz with my girlfriend Deena and I have a jaw ache from laughing so much. Deena has a mad attack of the hiccups right now. This film is so hilariously funny, and there are not many films that can make me laugh this hard!

Straight from the massive success of their last film, Shaun of the Dead comes Hot Fuzz! The pair join forces together when Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Pegg) is transferred to a small crime free village of Sandford. On his first day he arrests Danny Butterman (Frost) who he eventually finds out is his partner! Angel doesn’t get off to the best start with the village community who seem to have very loose views on crime

Just as Angel begins to become increasingly frustrated with the lack of action which this village has, a series of strange murders unleashes the dark side of the village community. Angel and Danny then investigate only to have their claims dismissed by the residents.

Windows Vista

I’m free! Since it’s release on the 30th January I’ve been tinkering around with Windows Vista and generally being driven mad by it’s quirks. On the upside I’ve found this operating system rather refreshing to use over stale XP. I’ve also been taking down notes on my experiences and have written an article on what Windows XP users can expect when they make the transition to this bloatastic OS.

Now that this write up is out of the way, and my system is semi stable, I can finally get back to writing games reviews, which I’m well behind on right now.

Valentines Day!

It’s that time of the year again folks!

Break out those Tesco’s Valentines Card! Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you but printing out one of these gorgeously crafted cards.
Oh and to everyone out there, have a romantic valentines 😛

Note: I am not to blame if you get dumped. If she does love you though, she’ll see the funny side of it….or not.

Random IRC moments

Poor Eeyore

This is from a chat session on IRC just last week. Myself, PR and Soth attempt to fool poor Eeyore into thinking his IRC client was broken. I think we did a rather good job as he was getting rather annoyed at not being able to decipher what we were on about 🙂

[22:47] <eeyore> This is UTF8
[22:48] <PR|PC> "!(*{{@~> 360!! _(
[22:48] <eeyore> oh ffs
[22:48] <Kainz> (&(£))" 360 :/
[22:48] <soth`> ??????????????????????????????????????????
[22:49] <PR|PC> %%^://www.$£"%%&^.co*\p(c.j%$
[22:49] <Kainz> )(*W)$ 🙂
[22:49] * Parts: eeyore (
[22:49] * Joins: eeyore (
[22:49] <eeyore> hello?
[22:49] <PR|PC> £$%£$" ^$?
[22:49] <soth`> %$!
[22:49] <eeyore> ARGH!
[22:49] <PR|PC> ¬|?
[22:50] <Kainz> $*))*|¬
[22:50] <PR|PC> ¬¬`!
[22:51] <Kainz> ?
[22:51] <eeyore> you can all sod off

The Coolermaster Stacker arrives

Bit large innit?

Blimey! My current stunner of a PC case, the legendary Coolermaster 201c wasn’t large enough to accommodate the needs of my new PC rig. The sheer size of my Ninja Scythe CPU heatsink made me realise that it’s time to upgrade the case. After weeks of hunting for a decent one under £150, I had narrowed down my decision to two cases. The Antec Nine Hundred gamer case (approx £100), or the Coolermaster Stacker 830 (£170). The latter is regarded as one of the largest most spacious cases you can buy. As I’m an old school Coolermaster fan, even though their products aren’t as good as they used to be, I purchased the Stacker.