Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Windows Vista – Two months later

Does it impress?

I’ve been writing about this for a while now, just collecting and scribbling down my experiences with this new operating system from Microsoft. It’s such a big system with so many drastic changes under the hood that at this early stage, it can have teething problems. Read my first two months experience Here.

Also a quick heads up, PR has updated his blog with a blinding review of the Toshiba M400 TalbotPC!

Back soon! – updated

Off to France & Italy for a bit

Wow, it has been a busy week for me. I’m off on holiday from tomorrow night visiting France for a day, which happens to be a trip from work to shop for lotsa booze! The stuff is dirt cheap in Calais, so we go there around three times a year to stock up on the stuff. Then on Sunday night, my girlfriend and I head off to Italy, Venice for a week. I am really looking forward to it now, except as I write this I have realised that I don’t really fare well on ferries – I hate bumpy rides! Venice has been one of my dream destinations for years now.

Yesterday I had a major shock at work when I was called to the director’s office. I thought I was going to get in trouble for taking too much time off from work lately, but instead he had called me in to give me advance notice of a promotion beginning on April 2nd…not the best of dates mind you…

I was totally bricking myself and then knocked sideways as I heard the news that they had planned this for months. I am not entirely sure what my new position entails just yet but it is basically design work for military hardware as I have become increasingly versed in this area over the years. I am excited and nervous, well mainly nervous because I am afraid of failure from doing a job I’ve never done. Thankfully, the people who I will be working alongside have been very welcoming towards me joining their ranks so it’s not all bad. I’ll be buggered if I am wearing a suit to work though – I’m not that type!

Site Updates & Reviews

I have had the most chaotic messed up weekend ever. I ended up spending Saturday writing up a whole batch of reports and articles for work, and then managed to accidentally shred a couple by mistak! With no backup copies, I am royally screwed tomorrow when I head back to work.

I spent most of today writing and re-writing a single review (Most Wanted) because I ended up losing a massive portion of the code because it was stored in the windows clipboard buffer, which was then overwritten. Great! I also forgot to mention that last week I added a new review into the reviews section, and just today added a second. So Project Gotham Racing 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted are the newest additions. I’ve also tidied up that reviews page to make it look a bit more organised.

Right, that leaves me with Test Drive Unlimited, Top Spin 2, Oblivion, Fight Night 3 and Pro Evo 6 to review so…no pressure!

France Booze cruise: Part III

I predict a riot!

Woo, on the 23rd of March, myself, Ayesha and Deena hop off to France to join my company on the first of our yearly trips to France, organised for the first time by yours truly. This will be rather comical, as I’ve booked two coaches instead of the usual one due to high demand. I’ve been stressing out a lot over this trip mainly because at one point we had more people coming then the coaches could handle! Luckily, some families dropped out so it’s all cool.

I am really looking forward to this trip now, as events on the last trip were hilarious as the coach broke down on the way back to London, and everyone ended up drunk as we all got bored and began to consume the booze that we had only just purchased. Ayesha managed to cause chaos by dropping her handbag that had mini bottles of some sort of booze. Cue utter madness as everyone ended up hopping around the coach trying not to step on them as she ran riot trying to grab as many as possible! 😀 This time round we seem to have a coach load of raving mad teens and their parents so things should be quite amusing! Hey Ayesha, you might pull! 😛 I hope that the weather will be decent for once as this isn’t the best time to really visit, but we need ze booze for ze summer!

We return home (hopefully!) just after midnight, and then on the next day Deena and me are off to Venice, Italy! Never been there, always wanted to go there and I’ve developed a serious affection for Italian food lately! We will take a flight directly to the International "Marco Polo" Airport, and then stay at the 4 star Hotel Alexander just outside Venice for a few days before heading back! Ahh the luxury of abusing my position at work continues 😛

Terminator TV series on the way

She’ll be back…

Sci Fi has now revealed that the spin-off TV series called the Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place after the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. With Lena Headey playing Sarah Connor, Firefly’s Summer Glau and Owain Yeoman playing the two main Terminators this series could indeed be a massive hit. Given that there is nothing but dire US TV series like Lost, and Jericho around at present, SCC will no doubt be a massive hit. I can’t wait as the 2007 production for SCC has just finished.