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I have had the most chaotic messed up weekend ever. I ended up spending Saturday writing up a whole batch of reports and articles for work, and then managed to accidentally shred a couple by mistak! With no backup copies, I am royally screwed tomorrow when I head back to work.

I spent most of today writing and re-writing a single review (Most Wanted) because I ended up losing a massive portion of the code because it was stored in the windows clipboard buffer, which was then overwritten. Great! I also forgot to mention that last week I added a new review into the reviews section, and just today added a second. So Project Gotham Racing 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted are the newest additions. I’ve also tidied up that reviews page to make it look a bit more organised.

Right, that leaves me with Test Drive Unlimited, Top Spin 2, Oblivion, Fight Night 3 and Pro Evo 6 to review so…no pressure!

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