Windows Vista – Two months later

Does it impress?

I’ve been writing about this for a while now, just collecting and scribbling down my experiences with this new operating system from Microsoft. It’s such a big system with so many drastic changes under the hood that at this early stage, it can have teething problems. Read my first two months experience Here.

Also a quick heads up, PR has updated his blog with a blinding review of the Toshiba M400 TalbotPC!

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  • Can’t believe it’s been so long since I bought this bad-boy. Fortunately I never had a problem until S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which suffers from artifacts despite the correct Vista 64 drivers being installed from nVidia’s site :(.

    Still like it though 😀

  • install Windows 3.11 (the new improved version!)

  • Yeah, I recall me mate PR whinging about STALKER and the fact that his Vista reliability index took a beating since he installed it lol

    Dunno how long it’ll take for this OS to get a stable footing either.

  • It’s not Vistas fault STALKER keeps crashing its the poorly coded game, the devs don’t even support Vista!

    I use it on my works desktop, my TabletPC, and my home PC and have very few problems

    I think Kain needs to update his Bios! 😀

  • [H] Enthusiast has done a 30 Days with Vista write up, that some readers may find quite an interesting read. Now that the dust has settled with Vista, we’re slowly beginning to realise how different this OS really is from what we’re used to.

    You can find the ’30 Days with Vista’ article below

  • I have had vista x64 since launch but I find myself also thinking about returning to XP. Vista is a great OS, but it has its moments where it just drives you mad, and those moments are rather frequently occuring I find.

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