Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Review

Just a quick mention that I have just added a review of my latest toy in the Reviews section. I replaced my old keyboard with a spiffy new one! Oh, and to those who have emailed asking as to why I am slow with 360 reviews, I am still working on three reviews at the moment. The fact that the weather is gorgeous over here in the UK, combined with my new position at work, and a nagging girlfriend gives me little free time to really write stuff. Take care!

When practical jokes backfire…


Now we all like to play little pranks or jokes at friends at work don’t we? Course we do! My last one involving me squirting shaving foam into a colleagues lunchtime jogging trainers was a classic. However my most recent one kind of backfired in a hilarious way.

Lets call the victim Timmay! Now Timmay and myself have been doing practical jokes against each other for sometime now. He has just replaced the mouse on my desk at work with a 3-Button one!  Now, last week he returned from his three day holiday very red faced and rather angry at me. I shall now explain. Before Timmay went on his holiday, I used some masking tape to fasten a small sheet of paper with "KICK MEH!"  written on it, on to his suit jacket. I did this safely assuming that he would go shopping at the end of the day like he always does.

Timmay went to a funeral…

Lost in Translation

Accidental relationships can be touching

This is probably the most beautiful, thought provoking film I’ve ever seen. It’s just so deep in so many ways. Myself and Taz once texted each other well over 80 odd times while watching this film when it aired on TV over here. We both loved the film and more recently I went through the same motions again with my girlfriend Deena, because it aired on TV once again during this past weekend. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson positively shine, and their on-screen chemistry is just delightful. Bill Murray is the main star though; he is just the adlib master and is such an underrated actor in this day and age.

For those who haven’t seen this masterpiece, I’ll give you a lowdown. The film details an accidental relationship between two lonely souls. Bob (Bill Murray) is an international actor who is in Tokyo filming various ads for a whiskey company. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) is accompanying her husband who is a photographer, on a business trip. However she is isolated and out of touch with her surroundings, she feels horribly lost. Bob is increasingly frustrated and also lost. Both characters are in a completely new world and end up turning to each other for comfort.

Their first encounters are rather casual, in a bar at first, then on an elevator. However over the course of 48hrs they begin to seek each other out and an incredibly intense bond between the two develops. Eventually they reach the point where they both spend a lot of time together sharing deep conversations and finding out about one another. The energy between the two is magic.

Easter goodness / Am I an alchy??

Shrleley not!

I trust everyone had a lovely Easter break? Over here in good old UK, London the weather was top dogs, and it was quite hot! Needless to say it was the perfect weather for….drinking lotsa booze! Now my girlfriend spent the weekend with me, as she was avoiding relatives who came to stay round hers. She then had the gall to say that I am becoming a fat (I’m 10.5 stones woman!), drunken alcoholic. Now this rather cruel outburst came when I was smashed out of my head trying to hold an MSN conversation with three people at once.

My amazingly nippy typing skills that would put any secretary to shame became a shambolic mess after gulping down 2x 1ltr bottles of Baileys (Caramel + Mint yum!), and 8x bottles of Kronenberg 1664 – My favourite beer. Now according to her, I am a fat, beer swigging bar-steward! Charming! I even had to take an Alchy Test…which I never did because I could not focus on the words yay! 😯 I am not allowed to go near alcohol for a week now…

Oh by the way, the day before Good Friday (6th April for you non UK’ers) I got a lovely Easter egg from me boss – A tiny Cadburys Creme Egg! Cheeky goit dropped them onto our office desks at lunchtime, while everyone was out for lunch and then legged it home on a half day holiday! I wasn’t happy one bit. I wanted more! So today after returning from the Easter break, I whinged in a way that would make PR proud! After lunchtime, I found a lovely Easter egg (see inset pic) sitting on my desk! 😆