Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Review

Just a quick mention that I have just added a review of my latest toy in the Reviews section. I replaced my old keyboard with a spiffy new one! Oh, and to those who have emailed asking as to why I am slow with 360 reviews, I am still working on three reviews at the moment. The fact that the weather is gorgeous over here in the UK, combined with my new position at work, and a nagging girlfriend gives me little free time to really write stuff. Take care!

5 Responses to “Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Review”

  • Ya flammin n00b, the caps/num/scroll lights are on the dongle to help battery life!

    If you leave the computer on 24/7 with num-lock on that LED has to sit on all the time, I assume the keyboard switches off after a certain amount of inactivity therefore saving power.

  • Thats complete garbage then! Shirley 3x LED’s won’t affect battery life by such an extent? Now I have to keep the bloated receiver within range, in view until I get used to these visual on-screen indicators.

  • I was reading the manual for my car once, and it mentioned that after 2 weeks the flashing alarm LED on the door will stop to prevent draining the battery it said that the tiny little flashing red LED used more power than the entire alarm system!

  • Thats fiat for you though, poor car tbh 😛

  • I’m with Darren on this one, surely they could simply have had the LEDs turn off when the keyboard powered off. Yes it’d affect battery life by a bit but low powered LEDs are cheap these days and lets face them they’d only need teeny-tiny ones anyway!

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