Monthly Archive for May, 2007

My new HDTV arrives

It’s a bit large…

Yesterday I took delivery of my new 32" Samsung LE32R87BDX (big mouthful thar) HDTV. I have been agonising over purchasing a HD screen for ages now but finally jumped on board after the recent purchase of my Xbox 360’s HD-DVD player. While I was day-dreaming away in my office at work, the delivery man phones up saying that he’s just delivered it at my home. I almost got knocked out by an Australian backpacker as I jumped onto the bus and dashed home…to find the biggest box I’ve seen in ages. Took me a solid 10 minutes just to drag the box up to my room!

Back injury woes

Down but not out!

Arf! For the past week I’ve been suffering from a nasty back injury, the result of pushing myself too hard in the gym I would guess. Thankfully the pain is beginning to show signs of subsiding. It’s so surprising when something like this hits you out of the blue, especially when you very rarely have injuries or sicknesses of any kind. Me? Suffice to say that I haven’t seen my doctor in 15yrs, since I was 16yrs old to be precise. I am the type who hates medicine of any kind, preferring to let any pain subside naturally, and having said that I was almost persuaded by friends to visit my local doctor this morning. Yet this morning upon waking up, it had almost vanished!

So I spent a solid two hours at the gym this morning literally burning up because I hadn’t been in so long and for the next few days I will feel like an 80yr old OAP as a result. To make things worse, today here in London has been blisteringly hot. I rarely feel the summer heat but today has been FARKING HOT! I arrived home an hour ago and my normally cool room is a sweltering 29.4c! Summer is here baby!

WordPress 2.2 Released

It’s that dreaded time again

I fear this. I fear upgrading WordPress to the latest version (2.2) and breaking my blog horribly. Everytime a new version is released, I have to make minor alterations to the code to get things working properly. However since version 2.1.1 I have made a ton of changes to the blog and now I can’t remember exactly what bits were changed! Right now I’m just backing up the blog and will most possibly install WP 2.2 right away. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive in Windows Vista

A cheap HD solution for the masses

Woo, been a while since I wrote any solid content for the blog. To be honest I’ve been incredibly busy with settling into my new position at work amonst other things. Spoilt by some of the HD quality film trailers/game trailers on the Xbox Marketplace, DVD’s have started to look poor by comparison. I just cannot watch a DVD anymore without spotting how bad its video quality is in comparison. I have been holding off purchasing the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player for quite some time now but have finally purchased the thing.

Not a lot of people know that it can be easily used in Windows, so I decided to write up a quick article on how it could be done. PR has recently reviewed his HD-DVD drive on his blog and likes it too!

Bailey the Bunny on YouTube

Wirramirra has posted the most adorable video of her year old bunny Bailey on YouTube. Aww! P.S Wait for the little hop at the end 🙂