WordPress 2.2 Released

It’s that dreaded time again

I fear this. I fear upgrading WordPress to the latest version (2.2) and breaking my blog horribly. Everytime a new version is released, I have to make minor alterations to the code to get things working properly. However since version 2.1.1 I have made a ton of changes to the blog and now I can’t remember exactly what bits were changed! Right now I’m just backing up the blog and will most possibly install WP 2.2 right away. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

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  • Well that didn’t go too well. Looks to be a K2 issue causing problems, because of the new Widget support. It’s causing the main page to fail constantly even though the rest of the site seems to work fine. I keep getting the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_active_module() in /home/kainzy00/public_html/wp-content/themes/k2/theloop.php on line 76

    Other K2 users have the same problem (below) so I’ll need to wait until some solution is worked out.


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  • Will this sort the mass amounts of ridiculously annoying spam I get? I mean, I get around 30 spam comments a day sometimes!

  • Mate I doubt it. What spam blockers are you using at the moment on your blog? I get about 2-3 a day so far, whereas I used to get about 30-50. Google for a wordpress plugin called Bad Behaviour mate, thats what I use as the backend for my spam blockings.

  • Ah, I’m not using anything at the moment.
    Really annoyed with the lack of security within the blogger, seems far too easy for spammers to get through. I’ll be installing that tomorrow night (after another 3,500 word report).

  • Install Bad Behaviour, and the Akismet plugin mate. Basically BB is very powerful and stops about 85% (at a guess) rubbish, and Akismet will catch the rest, which it see’s as spam and hold it for moderation.

  • Just installed both, seemed to go in pretty effortlessly. Guess time will tell if they work. Can’t be any worse of course.

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