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Birthdays and Paintballing malarky!

Time to brush up on my camping skillz

Update: Well the weather has put a dampener on things. Due to the unpredictable rain storms the UK has been having for the past 2 weeks, this trip will be cancelled until further notice. Buggered if I’m going paint balling in the mud should it begin lashing it down with rain.

I spent this weekend mostly with a raging hangover as I spent Saturday at my mates RC and Renata’s place since they were having a BBQ for their gorgeous daughter Ariana, whose 1st birthday is tomorrow! Awww! Now I would put up pics from the night, but I don’t actually have permission so nooo. Sadly the BBQ took place on the same day Glastonbury 2007 was on, so it was an invitation for the bad weather to hit us – and it did. Things started out fine as we all chatted away in the garden, but then came the rain to put a dampener on things. It began pee’ing down like there was no tomorrow. Having moved indoors, I got completely drunk on the copious amounts of beer that was available until I began seeing double everytime I looked at the TV. The night ended with Mark passing out drunk and being doodled on, with makeup by various people! I’ve never sniggered so hard without actually laughing (can’t wake him can we?). I had a lovely time, so RC/Ren & Neal if you’re reading this – cheers peeps! It was so good to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in ages too.

This upcoming weekend I’m off Paint balling! It’s been about 8yrs since I last went, and this time it’s a team building excercise event at Bullswood, Surrey. Given that the QA (Quality Assurance) department are coming along so they’re Numero Uno on everyone’s hitlist it seems. I’ve got myself the Big Bad Boy package with 1 Smoke grenade! I’ll have to utilise all my ancient Counterstrike techniques to outwit the competition who aren’t all oldies either. The famous Antycamp technique could prove handy in situations where I am trapped. My only worry is that we will end up looking like we’ve battled the forces of nature herself. Last time I went paint balling we all returned home with cuts, bruises, leaves and twigs all over us, and I don’t have to mention how paintful (hurhur) it can be to be shot in the arm, let alone the face! Hopefully the weather won’t put a downer on things either.

Forza Motorsport 2 Review

I’m hooked!

It’s been quite a while since I reviewed a 360 game and to be honest I’m way behind when it comes to my reviews. Just to show how behind I am, I still have half finished reviews of Test Drive: Unlimited and Ghost Recon (GRAW) dated December 2006!

Forza Motorsports 2 has been occupying most of my time lately since it was released and I’ve had a massive blast playing this game. As a result my review for it was delayed, and then messed up thanks to Notepad ruining the formatting and inserting odd html into my code. The review has been cleaned up as a result but may have odd formatting in places. I’ll look at it tomorrow while I’m at work. Too tired now! 🙂

You can find my review up in the reviews section now.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

J.Alba, Orange-utan, Elastic man, Firestarter and Dr.Dumb return

It’s been a while since I visited the cinema to watch a film, the last one being Hot Fuzz! I’m a big fan of Jessica Alba and back when she was an unknown in Dark Angel, I knew her career would progress far. She’s back with the same bland cast in the sequel to Fantastic Four, which arrived in 2005.

I didn’t think much of the first film, and since I only recognised two actors from the film (Jessica Alba aka Sue Storm and Julian McMahon as Dr.Doom) I just didn’t find myself enjoying it as much as I had hoped. Elastic Man ala Reed Richards needed a slap for being a wimp. I don’t claim to have read the comics, nor do I know what he is actually like but I didn’t like his character.

So me and Deena bounced off to the local cinema after having a few drinky poohs and food stuffs, and relaxed to watch the film. I had to restrain myself while the Chavs in front of us couldn’t control their bladders as they had to keep getting up to go for a wee. Obviously they couldn’t control their alcopops or cider they had previously drank…I’ll get back to this in a moment. As the commercials began I whooped with joy to see the Xbox 360 logo pop up followed by a Forza 2 advert! 😀 Deena wasn’t too pleased….
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Hugely Upset

I’ve not posted any updates recently because I’ve been hugely upset by a certain event in my life. It has left me rather depressed and upset as a result. I am quite sickened by the despicable manners of some people not to mention their jealous undertones…

Big Brother 2007 has landed

3 months of catfighting, backstabbing, and gurls!

Big Brother 2007 started a few days ago, and once again succeeded in surprising the nation as 11 females went in and not a single male. No problem there except if this lot represent modern UK society, we as nation are bloody screwed in more ways then one. First off into the house were two 18yr old twins Sam & Amanda, who cannot stop giggling, screaming, holding each other and a variety of other annoying things, which seemed to result in a lot of people reaching for the mute button on their remotes. These two look look like they’ll easily crack – give it a week tops.

There’s Charley, some ugly thing that is so over herself that she’s the hot favourite to be voted out first. She’s from East London, and the type of girl who hangs out at celeb joints hoping to pick up a rich footballer. She ‘does not work’ and wants lot of cash, and think’s she’s beautiful. I want to run her over with the nearest bus already. The others housemates are far from normal either. There’s Carole, a 53yr old Health Worker who I really like. She’s feisty and has attitude. I reckon Carole could be the person to keep everyone in check in that demented household. Then there’s Tracey, I’m not sure what that’s all about but I am already warming to her despite the fact that she looks like Freddy Kreuger. She has made me laugh quite a bit though!

Oh, I forgot to mention the lovely Chanelle, I liked her for 10seconds until she mentioned that her idol is Victoria Beckham who she aspires to. Why do girls of this generation aspire to a bloody plastic, frowning stick insect? Come off it, she can’t sing, her family is loaded and she’s shacked up with a footballer! She’s couldn’t even sing when she was in the spice girls, and girls actually think she’s cool? Noes!!