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The Simpsons Movie

Spider Pig! Spider Pig!

I’ve been feeling rather run down this weekend. To tell the truth, I’m missing an old friend who I haven’t heard from in quite a while. I’m sure she reads this blog, so wherever you are – I hope you’re doing alright.

I needed cheering up, and given that Transformers and The Simpsons movie were both released here in the UK, I wanted to try and watch both in a day, sadly it wasn’t possible as Transformers is completely booked up until Tuesday! Given that Deena is a mad Simpsons fan, we ended up going to watch the early Sunday show.

Now, I’ve got to admit that I am no Simpsons fan. It is probably the longest running cartoon that comes to mind, and I do admit that the handful of episodes I have seen have always made me smile. After watching the movie though I can simply state that the critics of this film have possibly had a sense of humour bypass as I found it very amusing, in fact I ended up laughing like a demented school girl at quite a few of the gags.

A rant – British Gas

The most useless website ever

Where the hell do I start? Right now I am pissed put it that way. I’ve just returned from a lovely night out with the girlfriend, to find an email in my Inbox telling me my electricity bill is overdue. "Heck that be no problem" I thought to myself, "I will just use my dads credit card and pay the bill, and bank transfer him the money".

At this point you’re asking why I aren’t using my card I would guess? Well because the old British Gas website that boasted about discounts and paperless billing does not even accept VISA! However they do accept Solo, Maestro, Delta and other crap cards that only 60yr old pensioners use. So I pay the Gas and Electricity bill with my dads card and then transfer the money from my account to his. Sweet? Well no.

So I bought Firefly….

How superb is this?  

I’ve got to say that I have seen Serenity four times so far and failed to even remotely enjoy it. I just could not see what the big deal was about this film until I recently purchased the HD-DVD version, with its extras. I watched the film a fifth time and began to understand bits, so I watched again and began to like it. Serenity is a follow up to the huge cult US TV series Firefly, which was sadly cancelled after just a single season – mainly due to the TV network making a screw-up upon airing the episodes.

Curious as to why Firefly is so well regarded in the sci-fi community I downloaded the first three episodes of the series. Inside 20 minutes of the pilot episode I was completely hooked. How the hell did I manage to even miss this? This morning I ordered the 4 disc DVD boxset from for just £12.99, so I can’t wait for that to arrive!

Firefly was possibly the best TV show FOX developed alongside X-Files. It had an old school retro western quality to it, with horses, spaceships, and pistols. It was a unique mix of these elements that made Joss Whedon’s (creator of Buffy & Angel) show such a massive hit. A brilliant cast of lovable actors, great episode plotlines and comical humorous bits just make it a joy to watch. Whilst FOX can argue that the show never had decent viewing figures, they can’t ignore the fact that the DVD had immense sales that put a lot of premiere titles completely to shame. Firefly is a show that deserved to stay alive to shine like Buffy and Angel did. Sadly during the time of it’s ‘phasing out’ a lot of shows were being wrongly cancelled due to various reasons and it seems to be a very popular trend even now.

Wanted: The British Summer of 2007

10 weeks of rain fall in 24Hrs

I’ve lived in London, Middlesex my entire life and never witnessed the rainstorm that battered the UK yesterday afternoon. For those living outside the UK, let me just say that we haven’t had our summer yet. It’s been replaced by a shitstorm crapload of rain, and left half the UK flooded, and thousands of families homeless. I saw this coming from a mile away so I left work at 11am, in what can only be described as dark skies as I hopped off the bus and walked home. It was pitch black as I did so, and not 10mins after I reached home, I witnessed the heavens open up and just over 10 weeks worth of rain crashed over us.

Our garden flooded in no less then 5 minutes flat. Our front road flooded up in 10 minutes, but thankfully our drains were in good condition, so the flood waters receded rapidly, unlike elsewhere around the UK. The monsoon like storms swept up across the South and then proceeded to rotate around the Midlands and Wales before heading north slowly subsiding as it travelled that way. My father is pretty gutted as his garden is a complete state as we have had the contents of the adjacent gardens all merge into one and its a complete mess. Mind you, from what I’ve seen London got off lightly compared to the rest of the UK. I wish those affected by this weather all the best as they getting back on their feet.
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10 Things I hate about Star Trek by Trekkie

Fire at will Data. No! Not that Will!

Trekkie – on the forums has posted a hilarious list of annoyances from Star Trek – The Final Frontier. Now having woken up on Saturday morning, this was the first thing I read on the ‘interweb’ this morning, and it was enough to make me laugh my socks off, so cheers for that. You can check out his list Here.

I had to laugh out loud at Comment No.4 – The Redshirt never returns to the Enterprise after an away mission 😀 Originally spotted on Digg, so the forum could be very slow at present.