Wanted: The British Summer of 2007

10 weeks of rain fall in 24Hrs

I’ve lived in London, Middlesex my entire life and never witnessed the rainstorm that battered the UK yesterday afternoon. For those living outside the UK, let me just say that we haven’t had our summer yet. It’s been replaced by a shitstorm crapload of rain, and left half the UK flooded, and thousands of families homeless. I saw this coming from a mile away so I left work at 11am, in what can only be described as dark skies as I hopped off the bus and walked home. It was pitch black as I did so, and not 10mins after I reached home, I witnessed the heavens open up and just over 10 weeks worth of rain crashed over us.

Our garden flooded in no less then 5 minutes flat. Our front road flooded up in 10 minutes, but thankfully our drains were in good condition, so the flood waters receded rapidly, unlike elsewhere around the UK. The monsoon like storms swept up across the South and then proceeded to rotate around the Midlands and Wales before heading north slowly subsiding as it travelled that way. My father is pretty gutted as his garden is a complete state as we have had the contents of the adjacent gardens all merge into one and its a complete mess. Mind you, from what I’ve seen London got off lightly compared to the rest of the UK. I wish those affected by this weather all the best as they getting back on their feet.

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  • You’ve seen the state of my flat geeze. I’ve seen nothing lik e these storms before. One things clear, our drainage system is shite 🙂

  • Our roads up here in Mancs got flooded a bit but quickly died down, as we didn’t get hit too hard. I feel sorry for the midlands though. What angers me is that the government are so slow to respond to things like this, yet if you’re in need of a house down south and are from overseas then they will literally throw it at you 🙁

    Uncle, Opera isn’t working right on your site since I last updated it 🙁 When I hit submit it just sits there.

  • Yeah I know, it is the last update because I updated Opera late last night and right away noticed problems with the ajax’d comment forms on this blog and a couple of others too. It was fine before the update.

    I can’t be bothered to look into it because I’ve always had issues with Opera in the past, especially on Javascripted sites. Hell it still doesn’t work properly with my Llyods online banking system.

  • Hi :))
    It’s quite shocking when we see what is happenieng over there in England. Over here in Perth, Oz the weather is nothing special but can be really weird sometimes too. Its quite shocking when we see pictures of the uk over here. Sad and worrying really. I hope everyone gets through it all.

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