Some things not to admit to on Irc…

What are your worst tunes on your MP3 player?

Today was the launch of the new Apple iPod range over in the states. Needless to say there were good and bad products shown here, the highlight being the iPod Touch thing, which I’m sure people will quickly snap up only to realise that most touchscreen’s aren’t too COOL in use. The iPod Touch doesn’t have that much storage space either, well for some people anyway. For those who require over 16GB of space for their albums, they’ll have to carefully manage what goes onto their new iPod. Anyway, over on our quakenet channel where most of us old-school gamers chat and complain about life in general, PR was getting rather amped up about the new iPod despite stating he wasn’t wanting one.

An hour later after the Apple announcement ended, he’s started pruning away at his iPod music collection… So what follows are various snippets cut out of the channel, because some of the tracks PR has puts my collection to shame!. Let the shaming begin!

[21:26] * PR|PC prunes music collection
[21:28] <PR|PC> Call of Duty 1 soundtrack
[21:28] <Kainz> lol
[21:28] <PR|PC> keeping that
[21:28] <PR|PC> back in the day when they had real orchestras playing real music
[21:31] <PR|PC> 2 Faced by Louise (pre redknapp)
[21:32] <Kainz> LOL
[21:33] <PR|PC> shup!
[21:34] <Kainz> Louise lol
[21:34] <PR|PC> Lighthouse family!
[21:35] <Kainz> Better then Louise!
[21:35] <PR|PC> She’s hot!
[21:35] <Kainz> and now married!
[21:35] <Kainz> Ya got J-LO!?
[21:38] <PR|PC> Fahrenheit Soundtrack
[21:39] <PR|PC> Hang it Up!
[21:39] <Kainz> Teh what
[21:39] <PR|PC> When you play basketball with the cop!
[21:39] <Kainz> lol
[21:49] <PR|PC> Samantha Mumba!
[21:49] <Kainz> lmao
[21:49] <Kainz> and you have the balls to take the piss out of me for my taste!
[21:50] <Kainz> So what iplod bloat are you buying?
[21:50] <PR|PC> Who said I’m buying it?!
[21:50] <PR|PC> Tempted I must say
[21:50] <Kainz> You’re pruning e.g prepping your music collection!
[21:51] <PR|PC> Deleting Sam Mumba is hardly pruning!
[21:51] <Kainz> What about louise!
[21:51] <PR|PC> Gone
[21:56] <PR|PC> Feels so good – Mel B
[21:56] <Kainz> wtf man!
[22:00] <PR|PC> Moving too fast – Artful Dodger!
[22:00] <Kainz> lol
[22:01] <PR|PC> aha
[22:01] <PR|PC> Love don’t cost a thing
[22:01] <PR|PC> J. Lo
[22:01] <Kainz> LOL
[22:01] <Kainz> Keep going!
[22:01] <PR|PC> That’s the only one
[22:01] <Kainz> This is good blog quotes ammunation!
[22:02] <PR|PC> got rid of all the U2 shat so far
[22:03] <Kainz> Hope you didn’t get rid of With or Without You!
[22:03] <PR|PC> Kameo: Elements of Power soundtrack
[22:03] <PR|PC> just deleted that
[22:03] <Kainz> I’ve gots taht bookmarked!
[22:03] <Kainz> Yer thats another thing. This iplod better have bookmarking ffs
[22:04] <PR|PC> Perhaps I should just buy yours when you hate it
[22:04] <Kainz> Sod off, if i’m mad enough to buy one i’ll be selling it high!
[22:05] <Kainz> Gonna upload a tune for you to listen to
[22:05] <Kainz> Possibly the best ingame sample i’ve ever heard
[22:06] <Kainz> Gotta love upping at 130kbps lol
[22:06] <PR|PC> Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
[22:06] <Kainz> Thats what I listened to!
[22:06] <PR|PC> still like that
[22:06] <Kainz> Back during the diablo days!
[22:11] <soth`> what are wireless headphones like?
[22:11] <AntyInfrance> which gmae is it actually from
[22:11] <Kainz> All those tracks were converted from mod format to mp3
[22:11] <PR|PC> I always liked the original Medal of Honour title soundtrack
[22:11] <Kainz> unreal
[22:11] <AntyInfrance> they’re a lot like wired headphones soth but they don’t have wires
[22:11] <Kainz> lol
[22:11] * soth` slaps AntyInfrance around a bit with a large trout
[22:20] <Kainz> Looking at WMP, my oldest track on my Zen is No Doubt-Don’t Speak. Ripped off the first CD i ever bought
[22:20] <PR|PC> Hearsay – Popstars
[22:20] <Kainz> Ah crap its not the oldest lol
[22:20] <Kainz> HEAR SAY!?!!
[22:21] <PR|PC> Remember listening to that on my minidisc car player on the way to my first IT job 😀
[22:21] * Joins: Morkith (~sahorton@Morkith[FAST]
[22:21] * Q sets mode: +o Morkith
[22:23] <Kainz> Fugees – The Score album is my oldest
[22:23] <AntyInfrance> you are not fucking real
[22:23] <Kainz> Bought that during my uni days around 95-98
[22:24] <PR|PC> Bring it all back / Two in a Million / S Club Party!
[22:24] <PR|PC> Wheres never had a dream come true tho ffs!
[22:24] <Kainz> LOL
[22:30] <PR|PC> Call on Me – Eric Prydz
[22:30] <PR|PC> tho not the video 🙁
[22:30] * Kainz starts scrolling up for ammo
[22:31] <PR|PC> Do it for you – Bryan Adams
[22:36] <Kainz> I think he’s still in shock at you having HEAR SAY
[22:36] <PR|PC> 4 tracks from Tiberiun Sun
[22:39] <PR|PC> Oh you’ll like this
[22:39] <PR|PC> Sisqo
[22:39] <PR|PC> Thong Song! /o\
[22:39] <Kainz> lol
[22:40] <PR|PC> I blame my old work place for that they had it on the in store rotation and I was pressurised in to liking it
[22:40] <Kainz> Htf could you remotely even like the thong song
[22:40] <AntyInfrance> didn’t they make a painfully true to life sitcome about you a few years ago
[22:40] <PR|PC> Someone there used to pretend he was sisqo and kept calling me Jonathong :/

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