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Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Eeep! "One Ugly Mother Hubbard"

France Booze Cruise: Part IV (Updated)

Having second thoughts already

Tomorrow I’ll be off on the fourth booze cruise trip to France with my work pals. Our main objective? To raid the Calais hypermarkets of booze, bring booze back to the UK and drink or sell most of it for something called MONIES. Well that’s what typically happens, but to be honest this is a great chance to grab some Xmas gifts too, which is why I am going. I’ve still got bloody booze left over from our last cruise in March this year!

This cruise isn’t organised by me this time so I’m wondering how things will work out. I keep having second thoughts because I really don’t need to go – and whenever we do go, the weather is ALWAYS awful. Last time we went there, we ended up lost, then came the rain and hailstones and then we stumbled into the French version of The Burbs! Given that I have spent a huge amount of cash recently on clothes and gadgets I have to ask myself is there any point in going? I’m taking my new rather expensive Fuji 6500 camera with me, I’m not sure why because the weather will be poor as mentioned.

Ah well. So Deena and I, along with brat Ayesha leave on a coach tomorrow at 07:00 bound for Dover. We then cross the channel in a P&O ferry. The girls will no doubt be sick throughout the entire journey so I will be free to roam Duty Free for goods. We then hit a couple of supermarkets for booze, then a hypermarket for food, then hit Boulogne and a few nearby towns for a few hours before heading home. I don’t want to go, I want to play Team Fortress 2 dammit!

SATA HDD Stage Rack

How neat is this? The pictures tell the whole story anyway.

This is the SATA HDD Stage Rack, which is a Mac and PC compatible device that connects via USB 2.0. Simply plugging in a hard drive ala Atari 2600 Cart style will allow the drive to show up on your computer. There are two versions – the 2.5" for notebook drives and 3.5" versions for standard desktop hard drives. The stage rack sadly does require an external power connection, however I know little else right now. It also has a glowing bl00 light – these things are important in any device! I can only find this device on Amazon US so far, but I want one!

My ‘Junk Cupboard’ is packed with old hard drives, mostly of the IDE variety sadly so I’m hoping that an IDE version gets released in future. The button at the front looks like an eject button to ‘pop’ release the drive safely too. Hopefully these devices won’t be too costly.

iPod Touch Review

Yes I know that one isn’t real!

Well up goes a review that I have struggled to even complete. It is a good couple of days late mainly because my life has been taken over by a combination of Team Fortress 2, Work (no change there then), a nagging girlfriend who wants to go shopping, and a France Booze Cruise in two weeks time. All of this isn’t helped by the fact that there are a whopping three birthday parties I have to attend, a wedding (hate these) and two PC’s I have to set-up for two clients all in October! Happy days eh?

Anyway, you can read how I feel about this spiffy new device in the reviews section or just click Here. Want a more detailed review? Well me good mate PR has been blithering on about his one, so you can find his review on his blog.

Why did 3000 Chickens cross the road?

Bring on ‘The Fuzz’

Why did 3000 chickens cross the road? Because the lorry they were in crashed on one of Scotland’s busiest motorways, that’s why.

Thousands of runaway chickens brought traffic to a standstill after a transporter lorry crashed on a busy road near Glasgow.

Full story with hilarious pictures at the Daily Mail.