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I slept, I dreamt, I ate pie

No it wasn’t about moocows

This is a slightly random question, but how many of you have dreams you can recall? For four years, since I started work at my present er workplace I have very rarely dreamt. Actually I probably have but cannot recollect any memories of what they were about. Suffice to say that when I do wake up and realised I’ve actually dreamt, it gets me thinking – A LOT.

Due to me being a complete angry idiot, I don’t drive so I have to wake up at 4am every morning. Given that I go to sleep at around 11:30pm, I get around 4.5hrs sleep every day, hardly enough for a raging teenager let alone a 32yr old male living in London. Why so early? Well the buses are pretty poor over here and it takes me an hour and a half to get to work, when it would take 30mins by car. So I am convinced that it is due to my short sleep durations that I no longer get any sleep. This really peeves me off, but is partially my fault because I don’t want a car.

Vista x32 to x64

Got Device Drivers?

I have been wanting to upgrade to Windows Vista 64 from (Vista 32) bit for quite some time now, but just haven’t found the time to do it, until now. The Christmas Holidays are upon us and come Friday evening, I decided to take the jump.

I backed up any crucial data to my raft of external hard drives and threw the Vista 64 DVD in to the PC. I planned to format C:\ and install the OS there. Since I have my programs stored there, I would be required to reinstall those too. Vista x64 doesn’t run 16bit code at all, so my existing 16bit programs would have to run on XP via Virtual PC 2007. Virtualization ftw!

Hail to the king baby!

Trailer is out! – It’s official, he’s been weight training for 10yrs…

Christmas Party Aftermath

Beer ftw liek

I write to you having consumed about nien pients of beer. I can’t see nor focus conerectly at the screen at this stage as ai rwrite this. Let me state that aprporx 30mins ago I was on a bus heading from Rayners Lane, Middlesex towards Wealdstone, Harrow to be precise. I have just returned from my Work Christmas party bash – and I am auterrly ratarsed beyond belief. I had a pretty hard morning to be honest, so the only thing I required comme 14:00 was BEER – A LOT OF BEER. I was thursty as hell, and I had no minteral water bottle on my desk either. Come 14:00 myself and a mate rushed towards Club 2000 and swigged down as many pints as possible to quentch our thirtst. Suffice to say we were ewrecked afterwards. It’s funy walking home in the dark, its hard to actually walk out wehere you are until a car beps its horns at you. I wonder if my mate reached home? Guess I’ll find out tomorows!

I caught the H10 bus after the xmas do endewd at around 5pm. Not sure how I got on the right bus but I did and I saw the must gorgeous baby (and mmommy) too! Anmyway, had a great time, I am aseeing stars and feel dizzy! Can’t wirght anymore or gf might kill me, nn!