Happy Birthday x360!

So on Friday 7th December I celebrated the birthday of my launch day Xbox 360. While his fellow brothers have fallen all around him, this launch day machine soldiers on bravely. November 2005 was his true birth date truth be told, however he arrived on the 7th December 2005 via a rather annoyed looking delivery man. For those who can recall that crazy month, Xbox 360’s were impossible to find anywhere. Stores were sold out, and Ebay was where most were being sold for ludicrous prices.

I myself pre-ordered a 360 from approx 13 different online stores with the hopes that I may get one. A day after launch day on the 360 I got that elusive email from Comet stating that was one on the way. I kept it a secret from my mates for a good week before I revealed that I had one. I wanted to play with her on my own! Anyway, the celebrations didn’t go too well with me accidentally setting fire to a remote control, which then set off the fire alarms, which then stank up my room somewhat rotten. However it worked out quite well! As you can see, the 360 was rather pleased!

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