Xmas & NY’s Ramblings

Happy New Year and all that!

How was everyone’s festive break then? Mine was rather dull. Prior to breaking up from work I had all these little tidbits of things that I wanted to do, but instead I ended up doing other things. For example I wanted to re-wire my bedroom but instead ended up clearing out junk from the room. Christmas Day came and went faster than anything I could have imagined.

The arguing over who was to cut the Christmas Turkey once again resumed from last year as me and my father threatened each other with knives. Yes I know the head of the household normally does this task but he’s always done it wrong! I knows better I tell ye! He also had picked out possibly the worst champagne from Marks & Spencer’s ever – it was almost undrinkable.

This Christmas I couldn’t even muster up the motivation to leave home to do some shopping. I had done most of my Christmas shopping beforehand but there were some important things I had left out for later. I never did even get those in the end. My gf (Deena) was the same almost, she couldn’t even be bothered to come and see me after Christmas! Instead texting, msn’ing and squabbling over the phone were the prime method of communication – don’t you just love technology?

It’s incredible how fast events fly by as you get older, and take on more responsibility. New Years was just the same, it had passed me by in a flash and the only thing I could focus on was 2008 – which could be my most challenging year yet, both at work and outside of it. Come September 2008 yours truly goes back to school to study Hydrodynamics (part-time) for about 2-3 years alongside work. Full details aren’t clear yet. Suffice to say I have heaps to think about for 2008 and can’t really put them off any longer.

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