World of Warcraft – 10 days of addiction

Corp Por dude!

I read a interesting article today over at, owned by my good old mate Phil aka MMO Addicted Tart. MMO’s also known as Massively Multiplayer Online games as most gamers know can be incredibly addictive. People often lose their lives in a virtual world that is inhabited by thousands upon thousands of players. The great thing about these games is that the world is still living and breathing even when you’re fast asleep. Players can engage in quests, develop their characters and before you know it, whole communities have developed.

Fuelling every MMO title is the game’s economy. You earn money in these games, and players often pay real life money for in game currency and before you know it, there are players with millions upon millions of hard currency even though they haven’t the knowledge about the features of their virtual world. I lost myself in possibly the best title of them all, the grand daddy known as Ultima Online. From 1998 to 2002 I played the game before realising that I was essentially wasting my time. During that time I became one of the wealthiest players on my shard (server) by working hard for my money as a warrior swordsman and as a trader.

However I never looked in to the dark side of this gaming habit. Players could ‘dupe’ (duplicate) gold using various in-game bugs and make millions in the process. This in-game currency could then be sold for real life money. It’s all rather geeky to be honest.

Phil at is the chap who got me in to all this MMO gaming years ago, and our history in these games spans a huge amount of MMO’s. He recently returned to World of Warcraft – one of the more overrated, yet popular MMO’s in the world. However he never returned with the intentions to play the game. Check out his article, it’s certainly a big eye opener to any MMO addict out there.

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