Dell XPS M1530 Notebook Review

Does it impress?

Oh yes! After almost blowing £1,100 on a better specification XPS laptop, which was sadly from the older XPS range I ended up being talked in to buying the M1530, the bigger brother of one of the best laptops from 2007, the M1330. Despite having a 2-3 week delivery delay on their laptops they managed to get it to be extremely fast. I ordered the thing online on the 3rd January, and it arrived on the 7th of January.

I have spent the past few days jotting down notes and have come up with my first review of 2008! Top dogs!

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  • When are you going to fix my internet problem??? Nice cutey laptop 🙂

  • So like I went to see a new house today and she was like WOOO this is nice and I was like WOOO you are so right girl! Then the women offered us 10K off and we were both like WOOO that’s so not as much as we wanted! Then like later on we thought we’d just wait a few months and not financially strangle ourselves and like I noticed that my friend Chris is working but still manages to answer his phone, but like he’s not mean’t to answer it and could get into trouble but Ali my other friend can answer his phone as he’s like the boss of his place and he can if he wants to unlike the other guys in his office who can’t cos he’ll get all annoyed and stuff! So anyway, where was I? oh yeah I am a mmorpg addict, yes I am sad but oh well that’s like life and that. I’m also getting hairy!

  • More money wasting! Just think what you could have done with £880 spent elsewhere! 👿

  • Actually if you had rung up Dell UK you would have found that the other screen options were avaliable and just not on their website.

    I ordered my M1530 with 1440×900 on the 19th december over the phone. I get it tomorrow.

  • I tried to give them a ring on a few occasions but was on hold for ages so I went for the online option instead. Still, given that I’m mostly browsing on this thing, res isn’t too important.

  • Hi there I love the review – nice work. I ordered a 1330 back in November last year and it was a great buy. I almost bought the 1710 too because of the lights and good looks though LOL

  • Nice review mate, how are you finding the notebook now that you have had the chance to use it a lot more? After seeing so many positive reviews about the 1530 I’m saving up for one now 🙂

  • Thnanks for a good review man!
    I was thinking about buying the 1330M. I think Ill check out the 1530 now!

  • Re your comment about the 360 dying, when mine died I’d just got in from visiting a friend, thought I’d boot it up and 3 RRODs. I think I just gazed at it with my mouth wide open not quite able to go ‘noooooooooooooooooo’ then had to tell a mate on MSN with basically just ‘noooooo’ and he instantly guessed what had happened 😀 lol.
    Thank god I had the money in my bank account spare, I’d have gone insane :p
    And I love my new TV so much 😀 Walked in last night after work and thought ‘oooh that’s mine’. I’m sad I know 😉
    Good review on the laptop, I’m hoping in a month or so to be able to afford a decent laptop. Be handy alongside the TV now so I never need to sit at a desk again!

  • hehe lol, I did that when I got the 32″ Sammy R87 last year. I came back from work and went “coo coo it’s mine!” as I looked at it 😛

  • Thanks for the read. I was looking over these during the festive holidays but coldn’t make my mind up. I think the smaller 1330 is enough for me now, as I just want to browse the net.

    You are lucky to have a quiet machine. Every other review states that the dvd drive is rather loud!

  • I agree with Deena, think of how that money could have been better spent – especially with Valentines day commercial rip off on it’s way!

  • Ah, I already got the valentines gift 😀

  • I bought my Dell XPS M1530 shortly after Christmas, and I bought it refurbished. I paid around $1300 (after many upgrades), but ended up saving around $600 just because it was refurbished. I bought it from the refurbished section of Dell’s website. I have been very pleased with it. I know many people don’t like Windows Vista (which came on this machine), but so far I have no complaints. It runs fast and has had no major issues.

  • interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

  • I bought this MacBook Pro for two reasons. The first was Vista and the second was my IPhone. Fed up with one and loved the other. This laptop is every thing my two year old HP wasn’t, including a black screen when it didn’t like the new virus program. It will take you a couple of days to get up to speed and then it’s smooth sailing. There are extensive videos that show every aspect of “how to” on each program. If you are not a computer geek and you love your IPhone and had troubles with Vista, buy this MacBook Pro.

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