A Moment To Reflect…

Tonight I managed to finish watching the first three episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – A continuation of The Terminator trilogy now serialised by the Fox network. As I watched this a few thoughts came storming in to my head as I saw one of the CGI Terminators in Episode 3. I cast my mind back to 1991 when Terminator 2 came out.

For those who know their computer hardware, did you know that the transformation scenes for the Terminator 2’s evil T-1000 were done by the legends known as ILM – Industrial Light & Magic? Most people will be nodding their heads round about now. However did you know that the machines they used back then consisted of 40MHz Silicon Graphics workstations with 64MB of RAM? Just think about that for a moment and look at the power we have with today’s hardware…scary isn’t it?

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