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<–Cloverfield Monster!? YA RLY

I’ve gone and done it again. The moment something bloody exciting happens, yours truly sleeps right through it without a wink. Last time it was Buncefield, and now an Earthquake that measured a colossal 5.2 on the Richter scale last night at around 01:00 GMT. I crashed out on my bed at around 22:30 because I was so tired, and then woke up at 05:00 only to see the BBC News readers on TV going crazy about something that had happened in Lincolnshire, North East England. Then up popped a map with a bullseye on the ‘danger’ zone and immediately my thoughts were "Oh noes! Bomb!". Bomb indeed…

So I resumed my early morning duties of checking a few forums, as well as blogs. One of these forums was Overclockers UK, where I’ve hung around for a fair number of years now. Sure enough there was a bigarse thread there about the quake. Even funnier was the picture just below of many users all rushing to the forum to find out what had happened.

Its hilarious when you think about it – if a bomb or major accident etc happens the first thing half of us do is rush off to the interwebs! Balls to contacting loved ones to see if they’re OK, just post on forums instead! It’s amazing how reliant we are of the Internet now. At this point I thought I’d phone my lovely girlfriend who will have definitely been awoken by this event. Instead I got an earful of abuse for waking her up! Charming!

Valentines Day…

It’s that time of the year again folks!

Time to give florists extra business. So break out those Tesco’s Valentines Cards, grab some flowers and show your loved one just how much they mean to you by printing out one of these gorgeously crafted cards.

So what have I gone and done? Well I’ve gone and bought a USB Moo Moo cow for Deena and I. "A what?" I hear you ask. Well it’s a bit hard to really describe properly. Check this YouTube vid to see how it works. 🙂

Moomoo is a USB-enabled cow that lives on your desk, and is somehow attached to software that lets it communicate with a second Moomoo cow. If you push a button on Moomoo, its companion (ideally located in close proximity to your special someone) will moo at them and start glowing.

Quiz Time!

<—Spam, yum yum yum

Allo! No I haven’t died. I’ve just been rather busy both at home and at work. So to get myself back into blogging I have decided to reply to one of those utterly dumb spam emails that tend to occupy ones inbox. These normally get deleted on sight…so here goes.

1. Was 2007 a good year for you?
Yes. Got promoted twice at work, and have a great girlfriend with a fantastic ****. Aside from that things were ‘quiet’.

2. What was your best moment of the year?
Possibly going to Australia. It was a business trip but I had always wanted to go there. What little I did see of the place I really loved, and everyone loved my British accent! Aside from that it was my close friends Rene and Raj having a little baby sprog daughter.

3. What was your least favourite moment of the year?
Having to prepare to head off to Australia. I haven’t felt that nervous and uneasy in a long time as I hadn’t been on a plane in a long time. That was just one of my reasons anyway.

Did Winston Churchill Exist?

To most youngsters, the mere mention of the name ‘Churchill’, will have them thinking about that damn dog in the insurance adverts on UK TV. So imagine my surprise when I heard that UKTV Gold (a classics UK TV channel) had conducted a recent poll, whose results simply tell us that a large number of this country think that our WW2 leader Winston Churchill never existed. Never existed?! You’d not be speaking bloody English if he and all those who fought under him weren’t around! After 12 years of Labour rule, this country’s education has seriously shown how poor it has become.


The study, specially commissioned by UKTV Gold, tested the nation on its historical knowledge by asking 3,000 people a series of questions relating to famous factual and fictional characters.