Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Bloomin Summertime :(

Clocks go back 1 Hour

1 Hour less sleep…what tart came up with this idea then eh? I already get 4 Hours of sleep time and now that’s going to be cut short! Ta! I suppose the lovely ladies roaming our town centres in short skirts and low cut tops are a positive factor in all this.

I mean, look! It’s already 22:31 and that’s my bedtime! 🙁 Bring the darkness back for the love of god! This is not typical British weather…

WordPress 2.5 lands

It’s that time of the month again

WordPress 2.5 arrived rather quietly overnight last night so it’s time to look into upgrading this blog again. For those who aren’t clued up on how big a upgrade this is take a look-see at the Screencast and the screenshots of the new dashboard interface.

A list of 2.5 compatibile plugins can be found Here. So next weekend I shall attempt to upgrade this blog, with possibly disastrous results. I may need to move to the latest K2 build at the same time I predict. Hoorah!


Awwww, they’re so cute! Must order more!


It’s been quite a while since I mentioned what I’ve been up to, mainly because it’s been general stuff that hardly differs from day to day. It’s just dull boring things to be honest, which mainly consists of getting up early for work, surviving the dull day and then coming home completely knackered and passing out on the bed. Hardly the most captivating thing to write about at all really.

Since the new year I’ve gone back an old love of mine – weight training and generally keeping fit, which also involves me being a pain in the arse to everyone around me because I can’t help but be concerned about friends when they’re gorging on big macs or a softe bloody kebab after a night out. Dishing out advice is beginning to become a bad habit. I’ve been working out intensely and have made good gains with the sad result that I now need bigger clothes! Good for me, bad for my wallet.

In other news my plan to slowly give up console gaming is working, although with Condemned 2 and Grand Theft Auto: IV around the corner I have no idea how long that will last. On the whole I am gaming less, and as a result I have more time for other stuff – neat! That is one thing I said I’d do in 2008.

Interplay return!

It’s been a long time coming!

Welcome back! says it all. The awesome Californian outfit, responsible for some of the best old school games during the 90’s have returned. Amongst their massive titles was of course the Star Trek games – Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites.

Another classic title, was their Descent series – regarded by many as having some of the best AI code, even by todays standards. Descent is what I really remember about Interplay, and why I first fell in love with their development style. Then came the incredible MDK, and Earthworm Jim to name another batch of top selling titles. Even bigger than all this was the late 90’s title Fallout, a title set in a future post-apocalptic world. Even bigger than every sodding game above was the colossal Freepsace series. Yum yum!

Welcome back! (again!) I now worship your glowy logo and website.