Interplay return!

It’s been a long time coming!

Welcome back! says it all. The awesome Californian outfit, responsible for some of the best old school games during the 90’s have returned. Amongst their massive titles was of course the Star Trek games – Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites.

Another classic title, was their Descent series – regarded by many as having some of the best AI code, even by todays standards. Descent is what I really remember about Interplay, and why I first fell in love with their development style. Then came the incredible MDK, and Earthworm Jim to name another batch of top selling titles. Even bigger than all this was the late 90’s title Fallout, a title set in a future post-apocalptic world. Even bigger than every sodding game above was the colossal Freepsace series. Yum yum!

Welcome back! (again!) I now worship your glowy logo and website.

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