When garden lighting goes wrong…

Gerrof my godamn lawn!

Recently I installed some custom night lights our back garden. You know the passive infrared type that detects body heat movement and switches on a lamp for a few minutes blinding you as you walk past some random house on a street. Well not being a DIY person, despite the fact that I am an engineer I went a bit overboard and bought the brightest, most powerful light one could have purchased. Not the cleverest of moves as I soon found out.

Of course now the entire neighbourhood hates us because our garden looks like an aircraft runway at night thanks to bloody cats who love running around triggering the lighting. If it’s not cats then its frogs, and if its not frogs then its a flamin hedgehog who seems to have cloaking technology because I’m buggered if I can find him after I run out into the garden searching for the wee beast that triggered the lights. Well I think it’s a hedgehog anyway.

So guaranteed by the time I am just dozing off to sleep at midnight, my bedroom is lit up like a Christmas tree for about 4 minutes as my bedroom overlooks the garden. The room is already lit up bright blue by a PC, which is switched 24/7 and armed with 3 blue neon strobe lights and no less than 5 blue illuminated hard drive caddies at the front so I tend to sleep in blue lit room. When the garden floodlights get triggered I instantly wake up thinking its 4am, and time to get ready for work!

Of course the answer is simple – turn down the brightness on the lamp, or lower its activated duration so it stays on for say 30 seconds. Now I could do this….if the damn unit wasn’t pre-programmed with it’s own settings to ‘ease installation’. Buggery. Now I’ll really have the neighbours coming at me with pitchforks tomorrow.

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