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A Costly Mistak

Incoming Babble/Rant/Whine

I rarely make mistakes when purchasing gadgets and gizmos. I do my research as much as possible, then scour forums for opinions and feedback from owners. I then do some research into the company and learn about their past products and how much attention those products had (e.g firmware/software updates). Finally I make my purchase based on information from the above analysis.
However I think I’m getting old, because I have made a balls up, a rather large one at that. I am mad about music, in fact the ladies at work often comment that I had been born with earphones already in my ears. So it is with some irony that I work in the field of audio too. I love portable audio players (except crummy ipods to you teenyboppers). I have heaps of them, however at present I own an iPod Touch…not the best sounding player like every other iPod in existance but the touch is a unique exception compared to a normal iPod – it has potential. More on that later anyway.

Broadband In The UK

1.21 jigawatts!

Lately I’ve been pondering about broadband in the UK and it’s present progression. For years now UK Internet service providers (ISP’s) have been under almost constant fire, by it’s customers, watchdog associations and of course the government trying to kerb illegal file sharing. Sod all that though, what really scares me is the state of our infrastructure.

We are constantly being bombarded with news of faster speeds from our two most common internet providers, Virgin Media with their 50Mbits/sec pilot scheme, as well as BT barking on about their 100Mbit/sec trials in Kent, presumably where you have to have your PC situated right next to the exchange…

Whilst this news grabs the headlines and makes gamers, and downloaders glee with delight, it makes me rather concerned. If this really does happen ISP’s will be struggling to cope with demand. Read More

NASA Announcement Due – Then again…

We’re not alone!

NASA has scheduled a media teleconference Wednesday, May 14, at 1 p.m. EDT (17:00 GMT for us Uk’ers), to announce the discovery of an object in our Galaxy astronomers have been hunting for more than 50 years.

Taken from the website:

"A video file about the discovery will air on NASA Television on May 14. NASA TV is carried on an MPEG-2 digital signal accessed via satellite AMC-6, at 72 degrees west longitude, transponder 17C, 4040 MHz, vertical polarization. NASA TV is available in Alaska and Hawaii on AMC-7 at 137 degrees west longitude, transponder 18C, at 4060 MHz, horizontal polarization."

See? I knew it! Aliens really do exist and they’ve found em!

Weekend Mumblings

Kamikaze attack, a Wasp and WordPress

Man its hot out thar! Temperatures were hitting 28c outdoors and 30c in my room this weekend.

It was so damn hot that on Friday, a rather large fly decided to try and cool off by doing a kamikaze run straight into my left eye and completely knocked me out during a lunchtime walk by the side of the lake near my workplace. It was lodged in my upper eyeball and I could feel the bugger moving around but could I get it out?! Could I heck… I ended up walking home partially blinded, crashing in to random people as a result. I had to take a different route home too – it would be too embarrasing walking through Harrow town. Suffice to say that I eventually removed it, but fark me did that hurt! 🙁

On another note I was woken up on Saturday morning by a strange buzzing sound. It turned out to be a flaming suicidal wasp who preferred my cool pillow to the rather hot air. Needless to say this took me by complete surprise and saw me crash off the bed. A few hours later I was working under my desk rerouting some cables, and guess who I bumped in to down there? The blasted wasp was back and sent me fleeing to the nearest air freshner can. Coupled with a lighter it would be toast! Sadly the bugger had vanished by the time I had returned…

GTA IV Arrives

Tuesday April 29th March 2008

It is quite rare for me to claim that a certain title is the best I have ever played. That award goes to a single game from 2002 – Mafia. Through the years I’ve seen titles come and go, in which I have claimed to be superb and whilst they have been just that, the replayability wasn’t there – Condemned and Bioshock for instance.

The Grand Theft Auto series since GTA: Vice City has always had a place in my heart. It’s sucessor San Andreas was equally as good featuring a huge land mass, in which you could do virtually anything you wanted to. It quickly became my favourite game of the series. Well move over San Andreas, GTA IV just became my favourite GTA but also  my second favourite game of all time. Since it’s release Grand Theft Auto IV has ranked up some of the highest review marks I have seen since Gears of War on the 360. Although I do think the marking for IV was a little over the top in quite a few areas it is without doubt an outstanding accomplishment from Rockstar.

Liberty City, is based on New York City of course, in which we see Niko Bellic (a war veteran from Bosnia) arriving in search of the American Dream. Does he find it though? Buggered if I could find out since I encountered a nasty broken mission bug, which saw me not receiving a key phone call from some lawyers so I ended up restarting the game. Suffice to say it’s been a rather long Bank Holiday weekend making up for all that lost time but I have had a blast, which didn’t please my girlfriend…