GTA IV Arrives

Tuesday April 29th March 2008

It is quite rare for me to claim that a certain title is the best I have ever played. That award goes to a single game from 2002 – Mafia. Through the years I’ve seen titles come and go, in which I have claimed to be superb and whilst they have been just that, the replayability wasn’t there – Condemned and Bioshock for instance.

The Grand Theft Auto series since GTA: Vice City has always had a place in my heart. It’s sucessor San Andreas was equally as good featuring a huge land mass, in which you could do virtually anything you wanted to. It quickly became my favourite game of the series. Well move over San Andreas, GTA IV just became my favourite GTA but also  my second favourite game of all time. Since it’s release Grand Theft Auto IV has ranked up some of the highest review marks I have seen since Gears of War on the 360. Although I do think the marking for IV was a little over the top in quite a few areas it is without doubt an outstanding accomplishment from Rockstar.

Liberty City, is based on New York City of course, in which we see Niko Bellic (a war veteran from Bosnia) arriving in search of the American Dream. Does he find it though? Buggered if I could find out since I encountered a nasty broken mission bug, which saw me not receiving a key phone call from some lawyers so I ended up restarting the game. Suffice to say it’s been a rather long Bank Holiday weekend making up for all that lost time but I have had a blast, which didn’t please my girlfriend…

Is the title any good? Well short of actually reviewing it I will state that "Yes it is outstanding, in many, many ways but that doesn’t mean it has no faults". It’s graphics are very controversial right now and I say this because the game is using a blur filter that makes commenting on the graphics rather hard. In some places the game looks incredible, whilst in other areas it looks completely poor as distant objects are blurred and dithered to an extent. The game features a lighting system that I rate as the best I have ever seen. I kid you not  – driving through Liberty City is an experience to behold mainly because the lighting is so perfect that everything looks just right and I won’t mention the dynamic shadows moving in relation to the sun…

Rockstar have created a living, breathing city in ways that cannot really be described. Even my mother who was watching me play earlier today stated that the city looked so real as I casually drove past all the neon-lit buildings amongst hundreds of yellow cabs.

I am still going through the game and I’m just 30% through it but I can see heaps of things to do afterwards and with the extra downloadable content arriving later in the year I just hope that extends the gameplay a bit more. Who knows? All I know is that I am hooked!

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8 Responses to “GTA IV Arrives”

  • You play it far too much 🙁 It looks nice though 🙂

  • You can’t play GTA IV too much!

    I think I must be near the end of the story now. Get that Three Leaf Clover mission done!

  • Can’t help but think you’re getting carried away there, it’s rather repetative (more so than Saints Row was), it’s quite small in land size in comparison to San Andreas, there are arguably too many characters with too few missions each (more missions, less characters would be better) and there isn’t as much interactivity as I would like.

    It is without doubt a very good game, and I do prefer it over SA which I never liked (the setting didn’t do it for me), but it does have less vehicles, less weapons, less characters (probably better), less map size etc…

    I’m hoping the DLC makes it into a phenomenal experience, but surely it’s wrong that I find the car exporting missions better than the main missions themselves?
    And then of obviously of course, there isn’t enough Brucie.

  • Arr!

    Well the game’s very nature is repetition anyway. Go from A-B, deliver parcel from A-B-C, drugs bust goes wrong=kill everyone etc. The missions aren’t very special nor memorable right now, but then neither have the past GTA’s when it comes to the missions.

    I’ve always wanted more characters in the game so I’m quite pleased with that. However I hate most of the characters. Manny, Roman, and Brucie just lack any real character to them. Roman is a bumbling pleb, Manny is an arse of epic proportions and Brucie is just overdone. Oh I forgot Dwayne! How I wish I could kill him now…

    San Andreas was more spread out (well obviously), whilst GTA4 is miles more dense. In Vice City and San Andreas we would navigate the streets from memory with ease. I barely know a small portion of the first island in GTA4 atm.

    I have yet to find a mission that I REALLY enjoy too. What stuns me however is the sheer amount of work that Rockstar have displayed to us – Liberty City itself is incredible. Forget charging around in a car, walk the streets instead and you’ll notice a ton of detail everywhere.

  • Top game, crap music geeze. Nuff said!

  • Darren i want the game after u! when i cum down next time!! in a few years times lol

  • Neelam, you’ve got no chance of taking this game off me lol

  • ohhhhh!! dont worri ill get it sum how!! u can hid it all u wantttt!! loll:P:P muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa lollll

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