Weekend Mumblings

Kamikaze attack, a Wasp and WordPress

Man its hot out thar! Temperatures were hitting 28c outdoors and 30c in my room this weekend.

It was so damn hot that on Friday, a rather large fly decided to try and cool off by doing a kamikaze run straight into my left eye and completely knocked me out during a lunchtime walk by the side of the lake near my workplace. It was lodged in my upper eyeball and I could feel the bugger moving around but could I get it out?! Could I heck… I ended up walking home partially blinded, crashing in to random people as a result. I had to take a different route home too – it would be too embarrasing walking through Harrow town. Suffice to say that I eventually removed it, but fark me did that hurt! 🙁

On another note I was woken up on Saturday morning by a strange buzzing sound. It turned out to be a flaming suicidal wasp who preferred my cool pillow to the rather hot air. Needless to say this took me by complete surprise and saw me crash off the bed. A few hours later I was working under my desk rerouting some cables, and guess who I bumped in to down there? The blasted wasp was back and sent me fleeing to the nearest air freshner can. Coupled with a lighter it would be toast! Sadly the bugger had vanished by the time I had returned…

Sunday saw me writing a review for a new toy that I have, when I decided to take a break and upgrade this blog to WordPress 2.5.1 and the latest RC6 build of the superb K2 WordPress theme. WordPress installed smoothly enough but K2 RC6 has caused a few issues. WordPress 2.5.1 works slightly differently now and reads CSS in a different way so it took some getting used to. Currently this blog fails to render properly in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 – I can’t fix this without further investigation in to this issue. It is fine in Firefox, Safari and Opera as expected though. All this faffing about with WordPress meant that I failed to finish my review by Sunday night. Great 🙁 I can’t even adjust to the new look dashboard

I haven’t really written much on this blog lately so that is going to change from this point onwards. I’ll spend a lot more time tinkering around and adding new toys yay! 😀

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