Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

The Fedora Hat returns

It’s not everyday that a couple would go to watch a top hyped film and come out arguing like cats and dogs but that is what kinda happened on Sunday night when Deena and I decided to go and watch the latest Indy film. It’s been ages since I went to watch a film properly so I was pretty excited!

I won’t get in to the nitty gritty of the film because I wasn’t expecting something that could equal Lost Ark and Temple of Doom. Today’s films are in a totally different league to the older ones and Kingdom/Crystal Skull is a good example of how the film industry has changed over the recent years.

Nineteen years – is what separates us from the previous installations. It’s fairly obvious to say that Harrison Ford has aged out of his role as the Professor and part time adventurer. In this era of CGI heavy films you can’t be blamed for thinking that the film could end up as a flop. Luckily the film doesn’t make CGI scenes really apparent. There are some but I shall not spoil things.

I wasn’t expecting this to match or even surpass any of the previous three films so I was concerned that this would be a run of the mill non-stop action/adventure movie from start to finish and in essence it is just that. In my opinion it is the weakest of the series with a poor set of characters.

Dr.Jones (Harrison Ford) still has that charm and charisma as well as the ability to make you laugh at his mannerisms. His son, Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) is just a mess of attitude who resembles a Grease reject. It’s hard to even like his character but he has his moments and we are looking at an actor whose career is only just beginning. It was great to see Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) and she looks great for her age although she lacks some of that attitude from Lost Ark now that she is a caring mother for our Grease reject.

Mac played by Ray Winstone just fails to make any impact and is just a dull character on all accounts. It’s hard to see tough guy Ray portray a slimy sidekick. I was hoping I would see a sidekick relationship like we saw in The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and Kevin J. O’Connor but that fell flat on its face.

So we have two characters we can identify with. It’s sad to see Sean Connery, Denholm Elliot and and the legend that is John Rhys-Davis absent from the film but then having them all in would be character overkill but at least we knew them really well.

Only a few moments in the film made me laugh. The previous films had moments that made me think "Damn, he’s screwed now, he can’t get out of this". Crystal Skull had none of those tense, exciting moments and that is what let me down. This is what my girlfriend Deena and I couldn’t agree on. Whilst she loved it, I just couldn’t see what was so likeable. I do agree it is a great film – but when compared to the other three, it becomes the weakest of the bunch. Maybe I need to watch it a second time?

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