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Cooking with Darren Part II – The Pizza!

After a deluge of emails regarding suggestions for my next cooking feature I should really state that this isn’t a permanent thing! I am only doing it because I’m bored, and sick to death with this British summer weather we have been having. Oh and its fun to mock Nokkon! 😀

Going off Mr.Anty’s suggestion that I check out Chicago Town Pizza, I decided to do just that! I am a big pizza fan me, somewhat of an addict to be truthful. Hell I’ve even got my girlfriend addicted to the stuff! Anyway erm, on to the er feature…


  • A Microwave oven
  • £1.00
  • A sharp knife

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My iPhone 3G Arrives

So after much hassle with Carphone Warehouse whom I have a contract with, I finally got my hands on an Apple iPhone 3G. Its an 8GB  model rather than the 16GB version though. I can live with that! I’ll continue to use my 16GB iPod Touch alongside the phone as I’ll be primarily using the phone for camera/gps/app use mostly. The iPod Touch will eventually be jailbroken giving me access to superb apps that Apple deem unsuitable for their store. Irony mentions below…

I could write a review but I just can’t be bothered echoing the numerous positive reviews that exist out there already. AnandTech and TrustedReviews have the best reviews I have read if you’re after a lengthy read. Apparently PR will also be doing one at the end of the year when the next version of the iPhone arrives.

Cooking with Darren – The Rustler Burger

My good PS3 fanboy of a mate, NokkonWud likes to cook. Smug git. Infact his latest antics reminds of my habits early last year. I was a ‘cooking tart’, until I realised there is more to life then paying attention to presentation and detail!

So I’ve decided to do my own cooking feature! It is well known that I am a protein junky. I’m mad about getting quality protein into me, but sometimes…I just can’t be arsed. So, I shall pay homage to the RUSTLER CHICKEN BURGER! 😀


  • A Microwave oven
  • £1.00
  • 2 Slices of cheese (none of that dairylea fakeness, I used Edam!)

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Updates (rather long)

On a spanking Sunday morning at 08:55 I am currently listening to what could be the most relaxing track ever – Stir It Up, from Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend album. I had forgotten how sublime this album was.

Blood Test Woes

Recent life updates would most notably be visiting my doctor for the first time in 18 years to have my first ever Blood Test. I have a severe aversion to needles and even threatened my dentist at the age of 15 so suffice to say that I was shitting bricks. I am no stranger to knives or being stabbed but if you come at me with a needle, I’ll run a bloody mile whilst screaming like Carlton from Fresh Prince. The whole process went by really fast even though the doc was doing the procedure in my left arm, my right arm was clenched ready to let rip. My mother was there to keep an eye on me though! Sad yes, required? Hell yes.

Zen XFI Announced

So, it has arrived. About a year too late if you ask me. Creative had some awesome MP3 players a couple of years ago with the Zen Vision:M leading the pack, and then things went all pear shaped around the time when the Apple Touch arrived. For some daft reason Creative chose to begin producing peripherals for the Apple iPod range thus ignoring their own Zen range. This caused much confusion amongst Zen fans and many pondered where the company was going as they began to shut down one of their larger production facilities.