Cooking with Darren Part II – The Pizza!

After a deluge of emails regarding suggestions for my next cooking feature I should really state that this isn’t a permanent thing! I am only doing it because I’m bored, and sick to death with this British summer weather we have been having. Oh and its fun to mock Nokkon! 😀

Going off Mr.Anty’s suggestion that I check out Chicago Town Pizza, I decided to do just that! I am a big pizza fan me, somewhat of an addict to be truthful. Hell I’ve even got my girlfriend addicted to the stuff! Anyway erm, on to the er feature…


  • A Microwave oven
  • £1.00
  • A sharp knife


Rip open the packaging and lob the box in to the nearest bin. You won’t be needing it as you’ll no doubt be eating both pizzas anyway! Carefully remove both pizzas from their packaging as you really don’t want to disturb and dislodge the top quality toppings that adorn the surface of your pizza.


Right, if you have an 800 watt microwave then set you’re looking at longer cooking times, and this is where things get odd. The packaging states 3 minutes for an 800 watt oven. If you do this then your pizza will be grossly overcooked so keep an eye on the thing and remove it when you think the time is right.

Normally 1 minute 10 seconds is enough. It depends on if you purchase a thin crust Chicago Pizza or a deep pan one, which obviously requires slightly longer cooking time…I assume…

Place the pizza on the magical cooking plate and place both on to an appropriately sized saucer. Set your microwave to approximately 1 minute 10 seconds or so. Keep an avid eye on your pizza as the magical cooking plate’s properties nuke your food to perfection rather rapidly.

Once you are satisfied that your pizza has been ‘nuked’, remove it from the oven and allow it to rest for about 30 seconds as the thing is still cooking after removal.

Voila! The last photo below shows a successfully nuked pizza! Devour asap, and then cook the second one as you nom nom away!

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