Monthly Archive for August, 2008

I cried a tear today…

Wherever you are my ‘blessed’ friend, I could use some of your advice right now.

Oh Dear…

lol all you want!

[PR|PC] You’ve sent another email?
[Kainz] Noes
[Kainz] I has used HAIR COLOUR
[Kainz] stuff
[Dead] pink?
[Dead] pics!
* Kainz slaps Dead around a bit with a debeaked headcrab
[Anty] just for indians
[PR|PC] lol
* Kainz slaps Anty around a bit with a debeaked headcrab
[Kainz] Shup tarts!
[Kainz] my sideburns itch and i cannot touch em
[PR|PC] “Hi Darren, look I’ve just seen that email you drunkenly sent to me on Friday, and it’s ok, I understand it was a mista…. have you coloured your hair?!”
[Anty] just for men targets only the grey for that natural look
* Kainz slaps PR|PC around a bit with a debeaked headcrab
[PR|PC] “Because he’s worth it”

AMD ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

OK, Is it wrong to be turned on by this hunk of hi-tech kit? It is amongst the most over the top, powerful cards I’ve ever set my eyes on! Featuring a colossal 1.91 Billion transistor count, and a dual 256 bit memory interface giving you a gigantic 230GB/sec of memory bandwidth it certainly packs a  punch against modern graphics cards.  It is a greedy bugger though demanding in excess of 280 watts of power!

That sexy slab of PCB contains 16x128mb GDDR5 DRAM chips, so thats 8 per GPU!  – 2GB in total. No dual GPU board has had me this excited! Nom nom!

Review @ Anandtech