Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Hard Goodbyes

It’s been quite a while since I wrote here. Going through that emotional rollercoaster that some would call life has been a rather emotional one lately for me. I could talk about it but I am too heartbroken to do so, and the pain I feel now is just too much. So much so, that I just wrote and sent a letter of resignation to my two bosses.

I had been having on and off thoughts about leaving my workplace for the past few weeks now, and after today I can’t really handle working where I work any longer. I feel hurt like hell and I just can’t handle that. I have stated that I will be leaving in April 2009 but am now already thinking of Christmas 2008.

You know what the worst thing is? How do you say goodbye to an entire office/factory who you know all too well? How the hell does one keep their emotions in check saying goodbye to around 200 odd people?