Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Gears of War – Aspho Fields


Yours truly had a week off from work recently and spent that week tucked up in bed reading nothing but E-Books (electronic or digital books), which PR has recently got me addicted to.

The folks at have a superb bit of software available for all mobile platforms that could read/manage your purchased books as well as browse their website, containing thousands of books ready for download. I was immediately hooked! I downloaded the free software for my iPhone as well as my Windows Netbook and began purchasing books.

My first purchase was Karen Traviss’s Gears of War – Aspho Fields. Fans of the colossal selling Gears of War video game series will get a close up personal look at Delta Squad’s rag tag soldiers Marcus Fenix, Dominic and Carlos Santiago, as well as C-Company’s Cole Train, and Baird. Hoffman and Anya are also present.

WordPress 2.7 RC1 Lands


In a word, I am hugely impressed! I loathed WordPress 2.6.x and all it’s incarnations. It was a pain to navigate, clunky and just felt so delicate that I was afraid to even tweak my heavily modded K2 theme. Normally every WordPress upgrade ends up breaking my theme and I spend weeks re-writing sections of it. After the RC1 installation, much to my surprise everything was perfect and I cannot see anything out of place anywhere.

The new Administration panels are a joy to use and uncluttered, yet compact. Discussions are much easier to see at a glance on the dashboard thanks to the new comment features – you can now directly reply to a users comments and your comment will be updated in realtime beneath it. The whole overhaul is a breath of fresh air compared to version 2.6, which I regard as the poorest release of WordPress I have seen. I now await the full release on December 10th. Have that date on your calendar folks!

Samsung NC10 Netbook Review

Awww it’s so ickle and cute!

It’s also been a while since I wrote a hardware review so here comes one based on what seems to be the present rated netbook on the market. The Samsung NC10 Netbook. This little bugger is to be the replacement for my Dell XPS 1530, which is soon to be given a new home!

You can find the review surprisingly in the reviews section!

Wis Quas

Blah, blah, blah

It has been some time since I wrote and updated this blog. It’s been a rather troublesome and emotional past few months in my life. Things have now changed though and some strain has been taken off me. Suffice to say I am slowly returning from what has kept me closed off from friends and family during those months. Re-composing myself is currently set in motion.

Right now I am being fuelled by the fact that Christmas is looming, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see five little girls who mean the world to me, I can’t wait to get away from work, I can’t wait for the New Year to be over and lastly I can’t wait for 2009 to start.