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Yours truly had a week off from work recently and spent that week tucked up in bed reading nothing but E-Books (electronic or digital books), which PR has recently got me addicted to.

The folks at have a superb bit of software available for all mobile platforms that could read/manage your purchased books as well as browse their website, containing thousands of books ready for download. I was immediately hooked! I downloaded the free software for my iPhone as well as my Windows Netbook and began purchasing books.

My first purchase was Karen Traviss’s Gears of War – Aspho Fields. Fans of the colossal selling Gears of War video game series will get a close up personal look at Delta Squad’s rag tag soldiers Marcus Fenix, Dominic and Carlos Santiago, as well as C-Company’s Cole Train, and Baird. Hoffman and Anya are also present.

After introducing us to Marcus, Carlos and Dom during their childhood and both families two very separate upbringings, the book then bounces back and forth between two pivotal events.

Firstly the battle at Aspho Fields before Emergence Day, in which Marcus and Dom’s older brother Carlos fight insurmountable odds at an enemy base. What transpired on this day would change Marcus’s life forever.

Secondly we look beyond the events of Emergence Day and the effects of the Lightmass Bomb on the Locust Hollow. As a human run farming site prepares for an onslaught from the Locust Horde, the soldiers carry out a well planned evacuation attempt. However a ghost from the past has returned to haunt Marcus and Dom. For Marcus, this ghost carries the burden of his past and a secret that he has sworn to keep against all odds.

I have to say that this was a brilliant read on all accounts. It is a go-between for those that have played the first Gears of War and then it’s sequel. We learn a huge amount about all the key characters, even Anya. We also learn about Marcus’s father Adam Fenix. Dom’s wife Maria is also featured.

If you have finished both Gears of War titles and then want to learn about the characters, there is no better place to start then Aspho Fields. The very last section of the book is a set up for Gears of War 2 -I do want to say more, but then that would be wrong wouldn’t it 🙂

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