iPhone 3G Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev Team had done it yet again! Cracking through and unlocking the iPhone 3G with what they are hilariously dubbing yellowsn0w.

In short, you can unlock your iPhone 3G for use with almost any SIM providing you have the latest 2.2 Firmware and that your baseband is 2.28.00. Yellowsn0w is available on the Cydia app, meaning that your iPhone 3G has to already be jailbroken. I’ve gotta say thank you to these chaps. You’re incredibly talented developers and coders and the third party community is phenomenal. The sheer amount of quality applications and customisation tools really do make Apple’s useless Appstore look tame.

So far I have unlocked my own iPhone 3G, and my good bud Mark’s with only a minor issue. On random occasions we both end up with a No Signal on our O2 UK carrier. No problem, just activate Airplane mode for 2 seconds and voila! All sorted. Here is what my customised phone looks like so far. A lot more functional over the default phone for starters and the whole process takes just 3 minutes via Quickpwn!

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