Winter Snow Crushes the UK

A somewhat heavy bout of snow throughout the UK overnight during Sunday night resulted in areas of the country grinding to a complete halt.

Overnight temperatures in London hit -3° to -7° celsius leaving every public transport service cancelled for the duration of the day as upto 8" (20cm) of snow hit the capital. Yours truly ended up having the day off from work due to the buses not running. So I spent most of the day observing the news, reading ebooks and generally chilling out.

Airports faced widespread disruption after a Cyprus Airways plane skidding whilst on the runway. Eventually Heathrow closed both it’s runways and half of outbound flights were cancelled leaving foreign commuters somewhat confused as to how little snow could cause so much chaos.

Parts of the UK saw 20cm of snow fall inside 12hrs London ended up with the most snowfall seen since the early '90's.

Almost every school in London faced being closed for the day as travel conditions meant that a large proportion of teachers just couldn’t make it to work.

Widespread outcry was apparent as Londoner’s found the roads untreated with grit, as well as public transport ground to a standstill in conditions that other East European countries would laugh at. I suppose the rampant media reporting the winter chaos with a vengeance since they have had sod all to report on for weeks now didn’t help matters either. They made it out as armageddon was here.

Through my eyes, snow means just one thing – a chance to look back on loving childhood/high school memories of madcap snowball fights on our football fields, building miniture snowmen (complete with rude attachments) on our teachers car bonnets as well as ‘dive bombing’ other pupil’s snow men!

This was a chance for the UK to sit back and have some fun for once and most kids did just that. Most of London had literally frozen over so why not enjoy yourself? Instead the majority of us sat back and did what we do best – whined.

Humans weren't the only ones having issues...

I decided to go down to some nearby shops during the evening and got ambushed by a bunch of schoolkids. An all out war broke out but it was clear I was on the loosing end – it was 4 vs 1 so I scampered home under a hail of snow balls. I had gone out in the hopes of taking some photos of the snow and people mucking around in it but one thing was rather clear – the iPhone’s poxy 2mp camera is utter pants for outdoor shoots in the snow!

Now that the snow storm is moving up North towards Scotland, I can only ask for one thing….

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  • Hey 🙂 It’s still on the way up here. I think by tonight its meant to hit us as it is already freeezing! Sis says HNY btw lol

  • The snow on this site sucks! It’s not even settling!

    Hope iPhone v3 has a better camera, the current one is useless. If it snows more on Thursday and Friday then hopefully be able to get out and take some snow pics in the daylight.

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