Monthly Archive for July, 2009

iPhone 3GS Cut & Paste TV Advert Rant

Something has been peeving me off lately – and it’s those annoyingly deceptive Apple iPhone 3GS adverts that are currently being sprawled across our UK TV screens. Now upon first viewing it doesn’t seem too bad, until you actually begin to think about it.

This is the new iPhone, and it lets you do some pretty incredible things… You can copy a phone number, and paste it in a text. You can copy an article, and paste it in an email…

Fark me Apple, welcome to the year 2000. My Nokia 6600 could do that, and that was one of the first generation of smartphones. Practically any one of today’s ‘dumb’ phones manage that task. What truly irritates me is that Apple is using Cut & Paste as a selling point. Even worse is the fact that this very feature is rather finicky and intrusive and yet it is marketed to the user as a technology breakthrough. Kind of sad given that Clippy – a third party application available to Jailbroken phones could do the same thing quite a while ago.

The advert ends on an even sillier note:

Copy & Paste on the iPhone 3GS, the most powerful iPhone yet.

Of course it’s the most powerful iPhone yet – it’s just happens to be the latest version, and there have only been TWO before that! I just think the ad is truly deceiving. The next iPhone, due in June 2010 will most likely market a 5mp camera as revolutionary, when the rest of the market are on 12mp variants. For those who have yet to see the advert, it is available on YouTube.

Recent Movie Round Up!

Awww. Do you want to see a grown man cry? Well, if that be the case, take one to watch Marley & Me. In my case, it was my friend Ayesha taking me to see this film, which I knew I would regret.

The film, loosely based on the book stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson as Jennifer and John Grogan – an everyday couple who are on the verge of starting a family. With Jennifer following her ‘life’s rulebook’ to a tee. Her next step in life is to have a child, much to the horror of John who feels that he just isn’t ready for such a step. To ween her off the idea he decides to get her a dog – but not any old dog, oh no. They purchase a lovable puppy and name him Marley. It quickly becomes obvious that this dog is a potential nightmare in the making, as he is hyperactive, eats anything and pretty much drives everyone mad.

The film also heavily focuses on the couple as they raise a family, with John obtaining ever more promising positions at work granting them a valuable opportunity to move homes to a better area. As their family blossoms Marley never changes and remains a constant (see troublemaker) in their family.  With Marley pretty much destroying everything he touches, he remains an integral part of their lives and is essentially their ‘first child’. The film never gets too cute and funny and maintains a serious edge mid-way through the film with the ending being enough to bring grown men and women to tears. Don’t watch this film with make-up on ladies.